May 4, 2022

Step Into Your New Home With These Moving Tips!

Let’s face it, moving into a new home can be overwhelming. From figuring out next steps with our friendly New Home Specialists, to packing up all of your family’s memories, there is a lot to accomplish in preparation for the big day. To help ease the transition, check out our tips for mastering your move like a pro!

Pack Smarter, Not Harder

Packing is stressful and time-consuming, but you can make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. By color-coding and labeling your boxes, you can keep track of what will go where in your new house to save time and take the guessing out load in. On a hunt for packing supplies? You can often score free boxes by checking with local retailers or asking friends and family members. For fragile items, utilize towels, sheets and blankets to save on bubble wrap, packing paper - and space!

Pro Tip: Pack an essentials box. This will be the first box you unpack and may include essentials like cleaning supplies, toilet paper, tool kit, pet food, small emergency kit, chargers, snacks and a change of clothing. Throw in a portable speaker and turn up the tunes to make unpacking more fun!

Communicate With Your Movers

It is important to keep in constant contact with your movers, and never assume that your moving company offers the specific services you need (e.g. furniture assembly/disassembly, transportation for specialty items, cleaning services, etc.). Confirm your needs, moving date and time, and find out how they calculate their prices so you can budget accordingly. Need recommendations for trusted moving companies in your area? Our New Home Specialists can help with that!

Pro Tip: If you’re having the movers drop off furniture at a donation center, make sure to confirm the facility will accept furniture donations before move in day. This will help to avoid the movers having to make multiple stops, which could significantly increase pricing and moving time needed.

Make Sure Utilities Are Set Up

Imagine moving into your new home and realizing that nothing works! Instead of spending your first night without water or power, make sure your utilities are set up ahead of time. Ideally, you want to call the respective departments a month before you move in to ensure they can get you on their schedule and turn things on before you arrive. Our onsite sales team can help you get a list of local providers!

Change Your Address

Whether it’s packages, letters, or bills, it is frustrating when your mail is sent to your previous residence. To avoid this—and ensure you don’t miss your next birthday card from your favorite aunt—make sure to change your address and set up mail forwarding before you move into your new home. It’s a quick and simple process, and you can do it online, or at your local post office.

Donate, donate, donate!

As you pack up all your possessions, remember that a new home is a new start. If you come across a shirt you haven’t worn in years or a gizmo you saw on TV, but never used, consider bringing them to your local thrift shop or charity drive. Moving is the perfect opportunity to declutter, and when you finally get into your new place, you’ll be glad you did. Not only will you help those in need, but you’ll also have less to unpack… nice!

Pro Tip: Separate your things into “keep,” “donate,” and “get rid of” piles, so you can easily sort everything and pack them up to take to a donation spot.

Celebrate Small Wins

While you’re packing, making to-do lists, and creating moving timelines, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated. While it’s important to get things done efficiently, it is equally important to take some time for yourself. Treat yourself to your favorite things, whether it’s a cup of coffee or an episode of your new favorite show, and let yourself unwind for a little bit. Setting mini goals and rewarding yourself for completing them will go a long way to help keep you motivated and on track.

Pro Tip: Write up a schedule of when to work and when to relax. This way you can ensure you don’t burn yourself out by doing too much at once.

Plan a Housewarming Party

Chances are you haven’t had much time to spend with your friends and family during your home buying journey. Once the packing is finished and you’ve settled into your new place, invite everyone to a housewarming party to celebrate your incredible milestone. Plan a casual menu and give a tour of your home, showing off your incredible interior decorator skills. Consider also hosting a few games, like a scavenger hunt, to keep the fun going!

Are you ready to make the big move into one of our thriving communities? Visit our website and contact one of our New Home Specialists to get started on your home buying journey!