May 18, 2022

Spruce Up Your Trumark Home for Spring

The calm of the winter months has officially passed, and it’s time to let in the vibrant energy of blooming flowers, gleaming sunshine, and the lively ambiance of spring. Spring is often synonymous with starting fresh, and what better way to do so than by revitalizing your living spaces? Tidy up those spare bedrooms, change up your decor, and check out our tips below on how to welcome the season into your Trumark home!

Beautify Your Bedroom

Bright, new bedding can do wonders for your personal oasis. Get rid of your winter flannel comforter and pull out some fresh, crisp linens. Add flair by updating the color scheme of your bed and bringing in a floral-designed spread or a colorful spring quilt. Don’t forget to add accent pillows for style and comfort! Find inspiration from our beautiful models at Pelican Shores at Water Valley in Windsor, CO!

Declutter Your Shelves

After a while, your favorite shelf spaces can start to feel a little bland. Give your living areas a mini makeover without spending a dime by decluttering and rearranging items! Update photos with your latest adventures and rearrange your favorite decor pieces to give your home an entirely new look and feel. Removing things from your home that no longer serve you is also a great way to promote wellness in your daily life.

Lighten Up Your Drapes

Color conveys the mood of the season! If you have dark drapes or shades, swap them out with simple white linen, or a vibrant pattern that captures the energy of spring. The cheery homes at Jasper at Morgan Hill feature an abundance of large windows, allowing residents to enjoy the many advantages of an airy, light-filled space.

Donate Old Items

Spring cleaning means it's time to get rid of old and unused items, like clothes, shoes and furniture. Set up a cardboard box that is easily accessible so you can set aside items you no longer need or want. Once your bins or boxes are full, you can drop them off at your local donation center. Our team at Avalon at River Islands participates in the community’s donation drives throughout the year, giving residents plenty of opportunities to support a variety of causes. You can learn more about their 365 Days of Giving event HERE.

Add New Life with Plants

By bringing natural elements into your space, you can instantly make it feel more inviting and fresh. Treat yourself to a simple grocery store bouquet, snip a few flowers from your garden, grab a potted herb at the local nursery, or propagate a new house plant from one you already love to instantly add life to your space! Lacking the right light for real plants or hoping for a maintenance free way to spruce up your home? Multiple studies have found that humans respond positively to greenery indoors, so you can tap into wellness benefits with faux plants too!

We hope the spirit of spring leaves you motivated and energized to launch you into your next chapter! Visit our website to contact a New Home Specialist, and find out how you can start fresh in a Trumark Home.