our team

Diverse and Dedicated

The Trumark Homes’ team is a diverse one. Each member has special talents, different experiences and an impressive number of past successes. Yet there’s a common characteristic among us. It’s that we are all visionaries of one sort or another.

When we plan communities, design homes, negotiate for land, work with communities, or welcome our customers, we’re all guided by farsighted perspective. Is what we are providing it the best it can be for our homebuyers? Does it fit life today? Do the materials, technology and systems perform superbly and endure reliably? Are the surroundings nurturing? Do nearby schools, parks, shopping and civic life enrich those who choose us as their home’s builder? If the answers are yes, then we bring it to you.

We share the belief that every one of our homes must measure up to our ideals in order for us to put the Trumark name on it. Between us, we’ve amassed decades of experience in the homebuilding field. Individually, there are leaders, champions, achievers and experts. Together, today, we are Trumark Homes. We hope you’ll be as proud of that as we are.