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Life in Balance and
at Bristol

在Bristol的生活 平穩 和諧

Feng Shui (風水), which directly translates to “wind-water” in English, focuses on the interconnectedness of all things – earth, heaven, the mind and body – and improving life through understanding and respecting these connections. By manipulating the five elements as they are represented in the home, Feng Shui masters help create a haven that’s in balance and harmony.

Our goal is to always build the best possible homes with unmatched quality and comfort. Contemporary open floor plans, modern conveniences and time-tested sensibilities are a part of every home we build, but we went a step further at Bristol and took ancient wisdom and traditions into consideration too.

To incorporate the principles of Feng Shui, we brought in Mr. David Cho. A Feng Shui master well regarded in his field, Mr. Cho has put his skill to work in many high-profile projects for clients like AOL, Freddie Mac and Mandarin Oriental.

For Bristol, Mr. Cho prepared an exhaustive evaluation of every room, every floor and every residence. Orientation of each home was taken into consideration and recommendations were provided to ensure the optimal balance and harmony. According to Mr. Cho, all aspects of Feng Shui have been optimized for wealth, health and happiness at Bristol in Chino Hills.


  • Doorways and stairs were subtly staggered to produce a rhythmic flow of chi
  • All areas were brought into equilibrium by placing metal in strategic areas of the house
  • Additional power outlets were outfitted so that homeowners can easily install water fountains in the best possible places to attract more abundance and good fortune into their homes

風水強調的是所有事物之間的互相關聯 – 天、地、精神和身體 – 並通過對這種關聯的理解和尊重,使生活得以改善。憑藉對住宅中的五行元素的操縱,風水大師可以幫助人們創造一個平穩而又和諧的避風港。


爲了與風水的原則相結合,我們請來了風水大師David Cho 先生。Cho先生於該領域頗負盛名,在很多高知名度的項目中都用自己的技巧為客戶提供過服務,包括AOL、Freddie Mac及Mandarin Oriental。



  • 門廊和樓梯被巧妙錯開,以產生有韻律的氣流
  • 通過將金屬物品安置在房屋的戰略位置,使所有區域都達到均衡狀態
  • 配備多餘的電源插座,住戶可以在最佳位置輕鬆地安裝噴泉,以將更多的富足和好運吸引到家中來