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SunPower® at Founders

Get ready to save with the SunPower® solar system at Founders, the first Trumark community where solar panels are required. Your home will be powered by the same ground-breaking technology used around the globe in high-profile ventures and large-scale solar developments. At Founders, you have the option to buy or lease solar panels. When you buy, the cost will roll into your home loan and you get to keep the solar tax credits. Or, benefit from no down payment and free installation when you lease. Plus, with SunPower®, you can lock in your electricity rate to avoid utility company increases. So sit back and watch the savings add up with lower monthly electricity bills, and support a cleaner Earth by going solar with SunPower® in four simple steps:

1. Sign your Founders Purchase Agreement.
2. Get your free SunPower® online consultation.
3. Select your system and payment method.
4. Flip the switch and start saving.
5. Track your consumption with easy online or mobile access.