Charity Water

Trumark Homes Gives Thanks

29 Nov 2021

Nearly one in 10 people, worldwide, live without clean water. That’s twice the population of the United States. The majority of impacted people live in rural, isolated areas and have to travel for hours to find healthy drinking water. In the spirit of giving thanks, Trumark Homes has made it a priority to give back year-round by partnering with charity: water.

Charity: water works with local experts and community members to tackle the global water crisis with sustainable solutions. Whether it’s a well, a piped system, a BioSand Filter, or a system for harvesting rainwater, the goal is always the same; to keep water flowing in communities in need for years to come.

What does clean water really mean for an impoverished community? It means that girls and women can stay in school, start businesses, and own their futures. It means that 16,000 lives are saved each week as clean water enables people to enjoy basic sanitation. In short, clean water creates a world of change for people without it.

Feeling as passionately as we do about solving the water crisis, we created a program called Tru Charity. For approximately every 50 homes we build, we provide nearly 200 people with fresh, clean water. Since the beginning of our partnership with charity: water, we’ve built wells in Ethiopia, Malawi, and we are currently building a well in Uganda. To date, we’ve helped over 7,500 people to have access to clean water.

At Trumark Homes, we look forward to creating clean water solutions for even more people. When you buy one of our homes, you join us in our mission to save precious lives by giving back to communities in need of clean water. To learn more about our work with charity: water, visit