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Nov 29

Holiday Hosting 101

With the holiday season upon us, countless dinners and parties are no doubt on the calendar. And if you’re so lucky, the party comes to you. The opportunity to show off your hosting prowess and your A1 holiday decorating skills are only a couple incentives to planning the party in the comfort of your own…

Nov 23

9 Unique and Delicious Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

The morning after Thanksgiving may be spent leisurely rolling out of bed while feeling as if you ate enough of last night’s feast to keep you full for the next three days. However, we all know that’s entirely unrealistic and most likely you’ll find yourself digging into the leftovers by midday. Likewise, instead of salvaging…

Nov 15

Warm and Cozy Beverages to Make at Home

Reasons we look forward to fall: leaves changing colors, a whole new wardrobe, and the fragrant spices and produce. And when the temperatures start to drop, you may find yourself venturing out less and less. In the midst of the chilly weather and riot of plans, you can easily find comfort in creating these delicious…

Nov 10

Volunteer Opportunities in Anaheim, Chino Hills and Ontario

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, but the truth is, it probably is the busiest as well. It begins with the changing of seasons and progresses into the spooky Halloween festivities and Thanksgiving feast with close family and relatives. Shortly after the traditional turkey dinner, the prepping for the nest…

Nov 01

Thanksgiving Dinner Games to Entertain the Kids

How about a turkey day spin on a classic party game? These pre-made and reusable game cards make this activity perfect for a large group. This game is one you can save as a post-dinner game too, when everyone is cozied up around the table and exceedingly satisfied with your delicious Thanksgiving feast. Stuff the…