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May 30

The Best Ways to Make your Home Instagram-Worthy

Whether you are moving into a new place or wanting to create a summer home makeover it can be tough trying to choose the best decorations to achieve stunning looks. Everyone wants that picture-perfect home, so we’ve got you covered with these 6 simple design tips and tricks to get the most desirable home for you to get snapping and uploading.

  1.  Glow me up

Illuminating your home can make a world of difference. Lighting can act as jewelry. Different lights can become the art of a room as well as adding dimension. Placing mirrors in a room can make a room feel larger and glow it up. Try using different shaped mirrors to add flare and get that insta-worthy picture.

  1. Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are great decoration due to their flexibility. There is so much freedom in expressing your desired style with choosing the materials and how big or small you would like the wall to be. If you wish to get more creative and not just use photos and paintings, you could post fake flowers on your wall as it will act like a 3D wallpaper. Gallery walls are quintessential features that great for Instagram.

  1.  Adding Greenery

Why not make your home come to life. If you live in a bustling city center, then adding plants to your home is essential as they add color and texture as well as balancing a room.

  1.  Bar Cart

Having an authentic and unique bar cart is a lavish addition to any space in your home. It is both practical and eye-catching. You can use both picturesque bottles and barware and switch it up throughout the year. It is something to have fun with whilst looking attractive for photos.

  1.  Glass jars for food

Make your food look aesthetically pleasing by keeping food staples in glass jars. This will convert your chaotic pantry into one that is completely insta-worthy and organized.

  1.  Different textured elements

Try incorporating décor with different materials as this can create a sense of richness and it will make your home seem inviting without being too bold. For example, have a nightstand that is mixed with oak and leather. Have a few velvet pillows in your bedroom and a fur rug to make the place more modern chic. Little details in the design are essential as it can put a room together and create a cohesive space.

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