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Apr 25

5 Must Have Aromas for a Fresh and Clean Home

If you had to give up one of your senses, which one would it be? While there is no “best answer” to that question, it seems as if there has been a shift in public opinion in the last decade. Just eight years ago in 2011, a staggering 53% of millennials claimed they would give up their sense of smell before their cell phone or another tech device, according to the Global Wellness Summit. However, scientific studies and public opinion have swayed in the opposite direction in recent years, and the sense of smell is quickly rising as the king (or queen) of the five senses. Because of the powerful connection between the sense of smell and our brains, choosing the right scents for your home is as important as the cleaning products you buy, or the décor you carefully select.

We’ve rounded up the best essential oils that not only do a great job cleaning your home but are also environmentally friendly, safe for your pets, relaxing to your senses, and of course, keep your home smelling fresh.


Commonly used in steam rooms for its respiratory, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties, eucalyptus oil is a staple of every essential oil collection. This home disinfector and mold stopper is the perfect oil to use in your bathrooms to keep everyone feeling clean and healthy.


Another great cleaning oil, lemon (and other citrus oils), have been used to treat health conditions for thousands of years. One of the most versatile and powerful oils, lemon’s antioxidant properties work flawlessly in the kitchen. Lemon’s clean, natural, and energizing scent creates a comforting space to cook and eat.


This essential oil is great for improving cognitive functions such as memory and creativity. As Shakespeare quotes in Hamlet, “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance.” If you use your living room for reading, working, creating, or conversing with guests, rosemary is the quintessential scent to fill this space.


Extracted from the sweet-smelling jasmine flower, this scent is well known for its antidepressant, antiseptic, and sedative qualities. The aromatic effect of this oil stimulates the release of serotonin in the brain, resulting in an uplifted mood. The floral scent of jasmine is perfect for spaces such as the bedroom, as the relaxing scent promotes restful sleep, relieves stress, and evokes feelings of intimacy.


Peppermint is another great scent to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. The menthol and limonene chemical elements found in peppermint oil stimulates the emotional centers of your brain, which motivate and inspire. Peppermint’s menthol components also give this oil its characteristically strong scent, making it great for masking odors in your home. These qualities make Peppermint oil perfect for your garage, where it serves not only as a pick-me-up for leaving and entering your home, but also as a way to keep it smelling fresh.

Apr 18
earth day

Best Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in California

As society progresses, so does the impact of our human footprint. The way we live our lives can greatly affect the health of our planet and its resources.  Earth Day is an annual day in which events are held worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment. The initiative was founded 49 years ago by Gaylord Nelson,  a former U.S. senator, as a way to bring environmental protection onto the national political agenda. On April 22, 1970, millions of people took to the streets to protest the negative impacts of 150 years of industrial development. The initiative was a great success, leading eventually to important national legislations such as the Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act, and the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Earth Day has become a global phenomenon. Celebrated annually in more than 192 countries, it’s considered the largest civic-focused day of action in the world. Although we believe that every day should be Earth Day, we hope you will join the millions of people across the globe on April 22nd to celebrate this special and important initiative. Unsure how you can get in on the action? We’ve rounded up the best events in Southern and Northern California that will get you and your family outside, learn about nature, and help our beautiful planet at the same time.

Events in the San Francisco Bay Area

Great Race for Saving Water

A family-friendly 5K and 10K run and walk, kids dash and Earth Day festival with live music and storytime. Earn extra tickets for the raffle by riding your bike to the event, and by bringing your old tennis shoes to be recycled or repurposed. The festival will also include arts and crafts, live music, and fun demonstrations promoting environmental health.

Marine Science Institute’s Earth Day

Making up over 70% of our planet’s surface, the ocean is an obvious focal point on Earth Day.  After all, the ocean was the inspiration for the first Earth Day, after a large oil spill occurred off the coast of Santa Barbara. Celebrate Mother Earth at the Marine Science Institute, located just 25 minutes from our Glass Bay community and 45 minutes from Perch. Enjoy food, live music, boat rides, animal encounters, and more.

Apr 11

How to Organize an Easter Egg Hunt

Want to be a hit with your family and friends this Easter? Planning an Easter egg hunt and games can be a challenge, but we’ve got you covered. Get in that spring spirit and follow these steps to plan out the best Easter egg hunt for your friends and family:


  1. Set the date. Choose a time around Easter weekend. Make sure to have a back-up plan if you plan to have the hunt outside.
  2. Pick the location. Choose an area big enough for the hunters but not too hard to find the eggs. Don’t forget to keep defined boundaries to ensure hunters don’t wander off too far! If hosting inside the house, make sure to keep the hunt to one floor.
  3. Stock up on eggs. If you’re entertaining a large group of young kids, it is best to use plastic eggs. We’d recommend about a dozen eggs per person, so everyone is able to find a decent amount. You can choose to fill the plastic eggs with toys, candy or numbers that indicate bigger prizes such as chocolate, Easter books or stuffed animals.
  4. Easter decorations. Decorate your house to encourage Easter fun from the moment your guests step through your door. Not a fan of inside Easter decor? Consider simply adding pastel-colored balloons or Easter welcome signage on your front door. You could even have a festive printable sign for your Easter egg hunt egg-stravaganza.
  5. Be prepared with ample baskets, buckets, pails. Whether you’re opting for traditional pastel painted wicker baskets, brightly colored plastic pails, or personalized buckets with each egg hunter’s name decorated on it, be prepared to provide fun and appropriate egg catching tools for everyone invited.
  6. Hide the eggs. Make sure to pick hiding spots that are appropriate for the ages of children invited. For younger children, hide eggs in more obvious locations and easily accessible for them in open places. For older children, have fun nestling eggs up in clever locations or corners only they can reach.
  7. Ready to hunt. If there are numerous children of different ages, consider having separate rounds to make it fair for the younger children. Have the younger children hunt first, then allow the older children to seek for the remaining amount after a certain time limit.
  8. Count the eggs. After you have made sure all the eggs are collected give out the prizes!

Easter egg hunt tips:

  1. Make sure to count the eggs beforehand so you know how many there are to find.
  2. If you plan to use real eggs, make sure to boil and dye them at least a week in advance so you don’t worry about having them ready then store in the fridge till the day. Remind all guests that Dyed Easter Eggs are not safe to eat. For plastic eggs, stuff them a week in advance to have them ready and skip the last-minute stress.

If you wish to play Easter Games with the eggs, try these ones:

  1. Golden Easter Egg: Put a dollar in an Easter egg and hide it. Kids will compete to find the golden egg first.


  1. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt: Hide clues or prompts around the house which leads you to the next clues location and make the end clue a filled Easter basket.

Want the perfect home to host your Easter egg hunt and future family festivities? Explore the newest homes for sale at Trumark Homes.  

Apr 04

Top Podcasts for the Home Enthusiast

Whether you’re looking to redecorate your entire house, or just want to learn some tips for keeping your space more organized, podcasts are a great and efficient source of information. Don’t know where to start? We’ve rounded up our favorite design and organization podcasts chock-full of insight and inspiration from the industry experts.

Young House Love Has A Podcast

Sherry and John Petersik are the married duo who started writing about their home improvement adventures 12 years ago on the blog Young House Love, which spawned two New York Times best-selling books, as well as product lines sold by Target and Home Depot. Their weekly podcast features conversations about home improvement, decorating advice, DIY stories, interviews with experts, and plenty of tips to help you organize and update your home.

Style Matters

The Style Matters podcast was launched in 2015 by the founders of the popular lifestyle and design blog, Little Yellow Couch. Each week, Karen and Zandra interview guests that inspire them creatively, including top stylists, designers, artisans and tastemakers from around the world.

Decorating Tips and Tricks

If you want to have a good laugh and get some insightful advice into decorating your home then listen to designers Anita, Yvonne and Kelly. Their podcast is full of guidance to beautify your home.

Organize Mindfully

Twice a week, Mark Dillion talks to organizing professionals, designers and mindfulness teachers who share insights, tips and techniques on how to gain inspiration and bring order to your life.

Chris Loves Julia

Chris and Julia Marcum are another inspiring husband-and-wife due of  bloggers-turned-podcasters. Even though this podcast is no longer being produced, they have an incredible archive of episodes dedicated to all things home renovation, design, and DIY projects.

A to B Podcast

Join hosts, Autumn and Bethany, as they strive for ease, organization and enjoyment. Each episode dives into the world of organizing through interviews, tips, listener questions, and monthly challenges. This podcast is guaranteed to motivate you to get your life in order and live your best life.

Home: On

This show is focused on home automation and a great listen to those into home technology. The host, Richard Gunther,  discusses industry news, takes a closer look at new and innovative home tech products, and educates listeners on how to turn their house into a smart home.

Keeping You Organized

This weekly podcast covers a wide range of organizing topics such as paperwork, time management, and decluttering.