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Feb 07

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Every Relationship Stage

Whether you are just getting to know someone or have been married for 20+ years, here are some different date and gift ideas for every relationship stage.

For Every Stage

Handwrite a note. You can make someone feel extra special by acknowledging you care for them in a quick hand-written letter. In today’s technology-centric world, it is easy to get caught up in sending a quick message with emojis to show that you care. However, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to handwrite a special note – it means more nowadays  than it has ever before.

For the “Almost Officials”

What better way to take the pressure off and enjoy your special someone’s company than with their favorite sweet treat. Ice cream is a great way to celebrate the day of romance.

Creams and Dreams is a wonderful option for Chino Hills residents. They serve liquid nitrogen ice cream, premium coffee, tea and pastries.

For the Ontario residents, check out CREAM. They create the perfect ice cream sandwich made with your choice of freshly-baked cookies and a variety of ice cream flavors.

Calling all Anaheim residents over to Han’s Homemade Ice Cream, where all ice cream is made fresh in the original location, sourcing cream from local dairies.

For those “Going Steady’

Take your significant other to a comedy show to laugh the night away.

The Murder Mystery Dinner Theater in Anaheim puts a twist on the typical comedy theater. You’ll be able to tackle a challenging crime while feasting over dinner with your partner.

With different performers almost every night, the Brea Improv Comedy Club is a great option for Chino Hills residents.  

At Ontario Improv, enjoy yourself with an entertaining evening of comicality with your partner.

For the “Married Lovebirds”

Take your special someone to Disneyland Park in Anaheim to celebrate your love at the happiest place on Earth.  

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a ‘nuisance’ any longer. No relationship is the same, so focusing on celebrating the uniqueness of your relationship will ensure that your celebration is one to remember. Express your excitement for the spark that you have with someone, or the forever type of love that you share with your life partner. Whether you’re celebrating with a simple handwritten note or a trip to Disneyland, we hope that these ideas pave the way for the perfect day. Happy celebrating, lovebirds!