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Jan 10

How to Organize Your Home in 2019

With 2019 already underway, many of us are cracking down on our resolutions to improve our lives this new year. Make your home a priority by following these easy steps to better organize your space.

Take Advantage of Unused Space

  • Do you have bare walls, but clutter on the floor? Hang storage bins or wicker baskets from sturdy hooks to free up space on the floor. Be sure to choose a style that blends in softly with your palette, so the bins can become décor too.
  • Can’t figure out what to do with that empty corner? Utilize one of the biggest current décor trends – plants. Not only do they purify the air in your home, they also add a touch of color to any room.
  • Tidy up your entryway with a shoe rack that doubles as an outgoing items area. You’ll be able to head out the door with a minute’s notice!

Make Spring Cleaning a Thing of the Past

  • To make spring cleaning less overwhelming, doing a thorough clean each month will significantly decrease mess and clutter. Start by getting rid of things you never wear. A rule of thumb to follow: if it hasn’t been worn in one year, it goes in the donation pile.
  • Organize your cleaning items in a caddy. Instead of using valuable shelf space for storage, a caddy is easy to reach and transport to any room that needs a scrub-down.

Plan Ahead of Time

  • Streamline your grocery trips by planning and meal-prepping every Sunday. Knowing what you are going to eat throughout the week will not only make your grocery trips easier, but also keep you accountable for eating healthier. This weekly meal planner will be your best friend in no time.
  • Take your planning to the next level with this 2019 Planner. Writing down your tasks, appointments, and reminders will help you commit them to memory and your personal and professional life will surely thank you!
  • Never be late again with a wall clock in every room in the house, especially the bathrooms. Checking the time on a cell phone can be distracting and ultimately cause more delays.

Tidy Up your Home Office

  • Ensure your important items are filed away in a safe space. Whether it be a passport, birth certificate, or sentimental photos, these binders with zippered plastic pockets will keep all documents safe and easy-to-reach.
  • Keep excess cords and wires hidden under your desk with a cable management box. No more tangles!
  • Get the best of both worlds. Make more room for your work while still keeping all your necessities with this desktop organizer.

For more home organization tips, check out our post on how to create a clutter-free bathroom.