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Jan 25

8 Tips For Working From Home Effectively

It can be difficult to separate personal lives from business when working from home. However, Trumark Homes offer great layouts to designate a space in your own home, solely for business. Our homes are developed on a foundation derived by smart space, room to breathe and a layout that represents intelligence, practicality, comfort and beauty.

Follow these 8 tips for enhancing the ultimate work from home experience.

  1. Be practical.



Set a work schedule for yourself each day. Being at home leaves room for getting preoccupied with chores around the house, but setting a designated task list at the beginning of each day will help you to stay on track.

  1. Create the ultimate office space.

Whether this is a full office or a desk overlooking the outdoors, Trumark Homes offers several options for creating an innovative space for all things business.

  1. Be disciplined.

Being available and able to work 24/7 could reduce productivity during normal business hours. Understand when you have achieved your daily goals, and allow yourself to walk away from your office.

  1. Interact electronically.

Being secluded from a typical office environment doesn’t mean that interaction levels have to decrease significantly. Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups to continually tap into industry happenings, while simultaneously building a network.

  1. Become your own genius.

If you are having consistent questions on how to navigate through software systems (e.g. Excel, Photoshop, etc.), look up tutorials online or call the helpline. Establishing a strong set of core skills will increase productivity levels, and save time researching correct answers in the future.  

  1. Make the effort.

Instead of setting up client or colleague calls, meet them for coffee or lunch. This level of interactivity could enhance your relationship, as face-to-face meetings establish a better rapport than a short email.

  1. Prepare to take on the day.

Although you may not be leaving the house, getting ready can make all the difference. Staying in your pajamas could increase the likelihood of falling back into bed. Get ready to take the day by storm, because who knows, if a client issue arises, you don’t want to come to their rescue in pajamas.

  1. Focus on one distraction.

Whether it’s taking care of a new puppy or a newborn, the busier you are, the more productive you’ll be. Being in motion will allow for fluid momentum to get tasks done quickly and correctly. Having a distraction will allow you to designate set times for certain tasks. The pressure from this distraction can actually keep you more focused.