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Dec 27

Four Achievable New Year Resolutions

We all can attest that January 1 carries a satisfying disposition of another year well spent, but it also rings in the pressures of resolutions for the new year. Instead of making empty promises to yourself that you don’t necessarily manifest into permanent changes, give yourself realistic and logical resolutions that are achievable and nurturing for your soul.

Prioritize Power:

Utilizing the power of prioritization can be the key to mastering success in life. However, learning this skill can be tougher than one initially anticipates. Getting distracted and overwhelmed by the sea of emails, meetings, carpool duties and squeezing in a little “me” time is common. Although all tasks might seem equally as important at times, a day-to-day priority list can make all the difference. Some days, your top priority may be ensuring you get the kids to soccer practice in a timely manner and making certain they eat, at least a bite of protein-rich food. Other times, thoughtfully responding to all of your emails may be the biggest task to tackle for the day. Dividing and ranking your daily priorities will keep the workload lighter and deliver a sense of accomplishment by the end of the week. After all, it’s said that there’s no such thing as double tasking – it’s more efficient to focus solely on one assignment before engaging in another simultaneously. Check out these functional 2019 planners.  

Race to Conflict:

The nemesis of procrastination would certainly be racing to conflict as soon as it emerges. People procrastinate the things they prefer not to do at all or the things they fear most. And as we all already know, putting it off until the last minute doesn’t make it go away- so why do we continue to procrastinate so often? Research conducted by psychologists has concluded that people who procrastinate have higher levels of stress and lower well-being- an alarming but not entirely surprising discovery. This year, make decisions more selfishly for the good of your mental health and overall wellbeing. Avoiding procrastination and racing to conflict, conquering it head-on, will not only ease your stress levels but bring an overall improvement and stability in your everyday life.

Positive Mindset:

Having a positive mindset is crucial in mental health and lifelong success. Of course, you can’t say “yes” to every single thing life throws your way, but you can choose to have a positive attitude and that makes all the difference. It’s easy to incorporate once you develop the tools to do so. When you find yourself thinking negatively, stop, ground yourself (sometimes, think of four senses in the room- something you can see, smell, hear or touch to better calm your mind), and then make the lifestyle decision to swap your negative thought with a positive one. Practicing this with due diligence will change your entire life for the better.

Take Up A New Hobby:

Starting something new is filled with excitement and energy. This year, find a hobby that relaxes you like yoga, meditation, or regular massage therapy sessions. We all need a little R&R in life no matter how hectic our schedules are. Treat yourself, for once, to something peaceful that you genuinely enjoy. Whether an hour a day or an hour a week, a newfound, relaxation-inspired hobby will work wonders for your mind, body and spirit.