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Dec 21

2019 Home Design Trends

Out with the old and in with the new! What better way to ring in the new year than with a little redecorating to spruce up the home? Follow these six home design trends for a mini home décor facelift to celebrate the start of 2019.

Geometric Patterns

Kitchens and bathrooms have long surpassed a monochromatic color scheme and advanced to graphic tiles and bold colors, perfect for nearly all home decorating styles. From bold kitchen backsplashes to uniquely shaped sconces, geometric shapes and patterns have already emerged this year as a preview of a prominent home décor trend for 2019.

Natural Elements

Earthy, sustainable materials such as jute, stone, granite and clay are on the rise this coming year. From handmade pieces like pillows and beachy jute and seashell chandeliers, to clay pottery and concrete coffee tables, these organic elements bring a sense of calmness and worldliness from the outside-in.

Brass Decor

As rose gold and copper dominated the home accent trends of 2018, brass takes center-stage as the new year’s trendiest fixture and accent finish. Interchange bathroom faucets, kitchen drawer handles, wall sconces and mirrors with new brass accents, adding new, trendy compliments to any room for an easy, modern decor update.

Acrylic Furniture

Acrylic furniture gives any room a sleek and artsy aura without looking too cluttered or giving off a ‘contemporary cold’ perception. Its transparency is ideal for layering books, throws, and candles on top of a clean-cut acrylic accent piece. From coffee, entry and dining tables to chairs and desks, acrylic is making an impressive, modern comeback in 2019.

Matte Finishes

Out is the matte lipstick trend and in is a whole new side to the matte look. Instead of applying that ruby red matte lip for your New Year’s parties, invest in a new décor item with a matte finish, adding a twist and unique trend update from the traditional stainless steel, or sleek chrome finishes. From lighting fixtures, such as sconces and lamps, to chairs, bar carts and bathroom fixtures, adding a pop of matte delivers a contemporary and sophisticated aura while perfectly paralleling one of the top 2019 design trends.

Color of the Year:

In the home design world, another year around the sun channels designers to collectively announce a ‘color of the year’. As the new year begins, you’ll find ‘Night Watch’ green popping up in home decorating websites, design magazines, retail displays and everywhere in between. The dark, moody green emits modern flare paired with chic elegance – the perfect element for a mini home makeover.