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Nov 15

Warm and Cozy Beverages to Make at Home

Reasons we look forward to fall: leaves changing colors, a whole new wardrobe, and the fragrant spices and produce. And when the temperatures start to drop, you may find yourself venturing out less and less. In the midst of the chilly weather and riot of plans, you can easily find comfort in creating these delicious beverages in your own home and skipping the extra trip to your local coffee shop.


The secret to the perfect cider is quality spices and juice, apple juice that is. If you made a trip to the apple orchard this season, your kitchen should be beaming with the best of the best apples. Worth every ounce of effort, this Mulled Apple Cider recipe is guaranteed to warm your soul on a chilly day.

As the host of a get together, you’ll most likely be looking to streamline your party planning. This Bourbon Apple Cider Cocktail takes out the hassle of homemade cider but still leaves you with a memorable drink for your guests.  

Want to skip the apples? You can achieve this similar spiced (and spiked!) drink by combining a bottle of red wine with some orange slices, cloves, cinnamon, honey and brandy for a festive twist.


Sure, a Pumpkin Spice Latte may be the quintessential drink of fall, but after four weeks of pumpkin overload you may be scrambling for other seasonal flavors. In fact, these are some drinks you can even ice and drink year round.

The Horchata Latte is filled with rich and creamy goodness and complete with Authentic Mexican flair. Even lactose-free diets can appreciate the creamy goodness of a Coconut Chai Latte.

Few things are as comforting and relaxing than the smell of cinnamon. A brighter pick-me-up than your standard cup of joe, the Honey Cinnamon Latte fuses plenty of espresso with the sweet drizzle of honey and the autumnal notes of cinnamon.


Something about the decadent aroma of hot cocoa and the gooey texture of melted marshmallow coming together couldn’t be more fitting for this time of year. Spanish Hot Chocolate, or “Chocolate Caliente” as they say in Spain, is a popular drink packed with antioxidants and rich flavor.

How about a more outside the box combination? The grand duo, peanut butter and hot chocolate, come together in this ultimate dessert beverage. Even without the Bailey’s the Spiked Vanilla Cinnamon Hot Chocolate still adds a tasty update to a classic drink. You can serve these at parties or brew them up for family time (sans alcohol); either way these yummy treats are guaranteed to win over hearts and bellies!