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Nov 01

Thanksgiving Dinner Games to Entertain the Kids

How about a turkey day spin on a classic party game? These pre-made and reusable game cards make this activity perfect for a large group. This game is one you can save as a post-dinner game too, when everyone is cozied up around the table and exceedingly satisfied with your delicious Thanksgiving feast.

Stuff the Turkey

Don’t worry, the game is not stuffing the turkey that you’ll soon be carving﹣ we’ll leave that job to the Julia Child of the house. This construction paper game is a blast for all ages. Don’t be surprised if you see the adults join in too!

Turkey Bowling

Too busy to step away from the kitchen? Grab some brown plastic solo cups to set up “turkey” pins: an easy 5-minute craft project involving some construction paper cut outs and googly eyes. Once the cups are transformed into a turkey, set up the pins and let the kids bowl away! This should keep them entertained long enough to finish cooking the feast.

Turkey Tag

This Thanksgiving alternative to flag tag is an activity fit for all ages. The goal of the game is to remove other player’s turkey pins (clothespins) without losing your own. The players who lose all their pins are out and the lucky player with the most turkey pins at the end wins. This is an easy game for the kids, and of course welcomes the adults to join in too!

Mad Libs

This special Thanksgiving version of the already hilarious game is sure to be a hit among all ages. Gather the family around the table before the feast is prepared and be ready to laugh with your loved ones unremittingly.

Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

A timeless favorite, use mini orange and white pumpkins as placeholders to specialize this classic game into a clever Thanksgiving edition.

Fall Scavenger Hunt

Kids always love to exhaust a good mystery game, solving the next clue is not only satisfying and self-esteem building, but provides a bit of an adrenaline rush for the little ones as well. Use this easy scavenger hunt printable and set up clues around the house and yard. Your kids are sure to have a blast! As an extra bonus, they’ll learn some Thanksgiving history too.

Thanksgiving Pictionary

A charming holiday twist on a classic game that’s lively for the whole family. Simply print these pictionary cards, pick teams and you’re ready to play!

The Gratitude Game

What more perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving than this Gratitude Game? Reminiscent of the traditional Pick Up Stix game, this game is a simple and fun way to encourage kids to be grateful.