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Oct 15

Ten Fun Decorating Ideas for your Next Party

Gone are the days when streamers and a punch bowl sufficed as party decorations. Although your guest list and location are key factors in setting up your event, the right décor can add personalization and extra interaction opportunities for your guests’ experience. Kick your party up a notch and create an exciting, memorable event by tying some of these modern decorating ideas into your plans.

Coordinating Sets

If you’re crunched for time, this is a great décor option for you. Take the guesswork out of shopping for supplies by reaching for these cohesive party collections from Martha Stewart, which include plates, cups, napkins, and more!

Photo Booth

Make your party one to remember by adding an interactive photo booth. No need to go for the expensive rental, you can set up your own with this DIY tutorial. Plus, you can personalize the photos by adding props and costumes to the booth.


Don’t limit photo opportunities to the photo booth. Spice up your space by adding wall backdrops, and give your guests curated spots throughout the party to snap more pictures. Garland and ribbons would add plenty of color and texture.

Food Display

Don’t let your decorating efforts fall by the wayside when it comes to the party menu. Swap out the plastic and tin catering trays for chic serving platters and stands, or get even more creative with a display wall.

Light it Up

Consider the ambience of your space and set the mood for your soirée by incorporating string lights or lanterns within the common areas.

Bring the Outdoors In

Indoor plants are a major décor trend this year, so don’t exclude them from your festivities. If you’re looking to add a pop of color, check out these 24 blooms. Here are 15 non-toxic indoor plants safe for furry friends.

Place Settings

At dinner parties, the table and the food are the focal points. Create one-of-a-kind place cards for your guests to make the experience more exceptional.


A traditional décor option for parties, balloons introduce a sense of playfulness into any space. Here is a list of conventional, and not so conventional uses for balloons to match your personalized party theme.

Take Home Décor

Offer your guests a piece of your cool décor as their parting gift to remember the party. Air plants are easy care and perfect to brighten and liven up any space. Coasters are practical for both during and after a party, and can be completely customizable.  

Picture Mural

Create a photo collage to honor a special guest’s birthday or milestone. Affix the photos to string lights or arrange them in shapes depending on the theme of the party.


Oct 04

Calling All Families: Dress To Impress This Halloween!

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start deciding on the costume that can bring you and your family the most candy! Tap the link in our profile for ten of the coolest family group Halloween costumes.

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start deciding on the costume that can bring you and your family the most candy! With these top ten costume ideas, you’ll be sure to catch other families’ attention, making them want to dress up together next year too. Not to mention, the amazing photo op you’ll be glad you have.

#1- Be INCREDIBLE. Or in other words, be the Incredibles. Dress up as the superhero parents you are, and give the kids the chance to play superhero for the night! Click here to see your options. But remember, “no capes!”

#2- Go big or go home! Do you have a big family? Well then, 101 Dalmatians is the perfect costume for the whole group! Have Mom dress up as Cruella, and make sure to draw black noses on all of the Dalmatians to make the costume the best it can be! Click here to see your options!

#3- Be sweet! Are you and your family Starbucks lovers? You could be known as the “Frappuccino Fam” for the night! Click here to see inspiration ideas!

#4- Mischief managed. Be wizards for the night and cast spells around town with spectacular wands. If you and your family are Harry Potter fans, this is the perfect costume for you. Parents, sip your butterbeer and enjoy trick or treating! Check out ideas here!

#5- Calling all girls! Do you have an all-girls family? If yes, Disney princesses are the perfect costumes for you, with endless options of characters. And not to worry, Dad won’t feel left out if he dresses up as Aladdin. Explore ideas here!

#6- Hop on rainbow road. All the video game fans will love this one! Join Mario and his gang and choose from: Luigi, Wario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Toad, Bowser and Princess Peach. Not to mention, the best part is that all of these costumes come in male and female versions, so nobody has to fight over which character to be. Click here to see your options!

#7- Hey mouth breathers! Don’t get stuck in the upside down – instead, dress up as the cast of the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things. You will be in store for a mysterious night with awesome costume options. Dress up as Eleven, Dustin, Joyce or Barb, and view your costume options here!

#8- Make a statement. Have you always dreamed of dressing up in an inflatable costume? Well, here’s your opportunity! Choose from the plethora of inflatable costume options here, and make a statement with your whole family.  

#9- Be the SUPER family that you are. Grab these awesome blue and red costumes. The greatest part about this option is the puppy Superman costume. The whole family will be included, even the pup! Click here to see your options.

 #10- May the force be with you. Join the rebels in the fight against the Empire in your Star Wars costumes! Click here to explore costume ideas.