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Sep 06

End of Summer Bucket List – 7 Things to do Before Fall

Even though summer isn’t officially over until September 22, Fall sweaters have already been dug up while bathing suits are sadly put away until next year when days are longer and sweeter. As the days slowly get shorter, we all look at our calendars in anticipation for Summer 2019. Luckily, there’s still time left to knock off a few bucket list items and get a few more wears out of the bathing suits before they’re put away for good (or at least until next year). Here are seven ways to top out the summer.

  1. Backyard BBQ – Nothing says summer more than family, friends and hot dogs. Invite family and friends over for some quality time under the sun – no better way to bring people together than with food. Sip on cocktails (or juice for the kiddos) and get your tan on, and get to know your neighbors. Check out some BBQ ideas here.
  2. Beach Picnic – In a few months it will be too cold to go to the beach, so make the most of it now. It’s as easy as grabbing your blanket, a loved one, and a few sandwiches and dips from your local Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. Plus, can you think of a better place to get your last-minute summer reading in than when watching unforgettable sunset views? Check out some picnic inspiration ideas here.
  3. State fair – No matter what age you are, your inner kid comes out at the state fair. Treat yourself to fried Oreos or a caramel apple. Although it isn’t exactly healthy food, that’s what makes it so special, right? Your kids will cherish the prizes they win at the arcade forever. Check out some of the best California fairs here.
  4. Outdoor movie – You can have a movie date night year round, but nothing is as special as taking it outside with a loved one. Many rooftop hotels or drive-thru movie theaters have summer specials where you can cuddle up to loved ones while watching classic movies – a romantic way to end any summer day. Check out some other summer date night ideas here.
  5. Sunset hike – What’s better than nature and views? Get some extra steps in, some beautiful photography and feel on top of the world. There’s no better way to catch the last summer sunset.
  6. Outdoor concert – Basically anything you can do outdoors during the summer you should cross of the bucket list. In a few months when the weather gets cold, you’ll want to stay inside as much as possible, so cherish the warm weather while you can. Check out some outdoor concerts in SoCal here.
  7. Find a new recipe It’s always fun to find a new recipe that your family loves. Whether it’s going to a local farmers market and buying local and fresh ingredients, or watching a cooking show, or just experimenting in the kitchen with the kids, there’s nothing more rewarding than finding a new recipe that your kids will be excited to eat. Check out some healthy and easy recipes that we shared here.

The best part of any bucket list is that it’s your own. It’s not too late to make this summer the best one yet – make the most of it now! And remember, for anything that you can’t cross off this summer, you can always tackle next year.