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Sep 20

Décor Trends to Spice Up Your (New) Home

Whether you just moved into a new home or are looking to give your home a quick makeover, we’ve got you covered! Read on to discover our favorite new and timeless home design trends that are sure to brighten any interior!

The simpler, the better.

Take a break from oversaturation and opt for functionality instead. Choose simple colors and clean lines to create a harmonious environment that just flows. Your home décor, above everything, should make you feel relaxed.

Plants, plants, and more plants.

This trend has quite a few benefits. First off, studies have shown that plants actually do reduce stress, improve concentration and boost moods. They also help to reduce carbon dioxide levels, keeping air temperature down. Not to mention, they can be the perfect touch for an incomplete space.

Sage green is trending.

Sage is the perfect color to make a statement. The coolness of the color keeps the space calm and simple. This shade is leading the way for trendy colors, and will continue to make its mark through 2019. It doesn’t have to be pasted onto the walls to be present. It can be brought in through plants, rugs, throw blankets and pillows.

Don’t hesitate- make a statement on your ceiling.  

Due to the simplicity of your new space, you’ll need a pattern to introduce the “wow factor.” Instead of crowding the room with vibrantly-distracting walls, leave the statement-making to the ceiling. It can work to tie together all of the colors in a centralized point.

Say goodbye to the ordinary picture frames and hello to the wall-suspended decorations.

What was once only featured in bohemian spaces, has now made its way into all types of interiors. Whether your house is modern, rustic, or bohemian, wall hangings can be the perfect finishing touch to a room.

Go neutral.

The latest trends are moving towards earth tones and neutral decorative pieces. Linen and nude colors are taking the place of greys and browns. These shades can modernize and freshen up your current space or transform a blank slate.


Scallops and curves are trending with full force. Fan-shaped fish scale tiles, curved mirrors, and scalloped furniture are all in. Add the tiles into the kitchen backsplash or retile your shower to incorporate the freshest new design trend into your home.

Velvet is back.

The internet search history doesn’t lie. In the past six months, velvet has become the most sought-after fabric. It adds texture and shine, making the simplest piece of furniture pop.

Create symmetrical harmony with geometric patterns.

Geometric patterns work to warm up a space. Adding few decorative pillows with tribal, geometric shapes is an easy way to change the look of an entire room. As we are seeing simplicity come into play, decorative geometric shapes are key!

Use these trends to have some fun while designing or refreshing your home. Stay simple and go neutral to create the most harmonious living arena.