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Jul 05

Tips for a Stress-Free Road Trip with Kids

There’s no better feeling than packing a bag and hitting the open road. There’s a special kind of freedom listening to your favorite music, windows down, hair blowing wildly in the wind, and driving to particular destination. But wait, you’re an adult now, so add a couple of little kids who have zero tolerance for being put in the back seat of the car for hours as you travel across a wide road of nothingness.

While road tripping is a great way to spend time with family and explore something new, keeping the kids from battling each other in the back seat can be tricky. Below are some tips and tools to help keep the kiddos entertained as you enjoy the open road.

  1. Stock up on snacks! ‘Hangry’ kids are almost as bad as ‘hangry’ adults, so avoid the “I’m hungry” whines from the back seat by packing a bag full of your kid’s favorite snacks that your kids actually enjoy. This will prevent you from having to buy junk at every gas station mart – a win-win! For a full list of kid friendly, healthy snack options, click here.
  2. Make an activity station by using a cookie tray! Cookie trays are the best little “activity tables” for kids because their raised edges will prevent crayons and pens from flying everywhere when your child is drawing or writing. You can also add some fun magnets into the mix for them to play with!
  3. Bring table topics, a box full of family friendly conversation starters along with fun facts that are sure to get the family talking! This game is especially great if your kids are a little older, as you can really engage with them and get the conversation going.
  4. Play the license plate game! This is a fun way to keep your kids’ eyes on the road (and not on their iPad). All you’ll need are blank maps of the fifty states and a box of crayons. Have your kids color in each state as they see a license plate. Encouraging interactive games that incorporate elements of the road trip will help your child think positively when they look back on their time in the car.
  5. Lego tic-tac-toe is a great, mess free alternative to this classic game. Forget the paper and pen and make it more hands-on with a lego board and a few colorful block pieces. The kids will stay entertained for longer when there’s a toy in front them and they are ready to play again and again. Click here for some lego board inspiration.