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Jul 12

The Perfect Summer Hostess Gifts

The barbeque is fired up, rosé is flowing, and you have been invited to more summer gatherings than you can count. Of course, being the amazing guest you are, you know arriving with a little gift for the host is a must.There’s always the standard bottle of wine or potted orchid, but with so many other fun, creative options out there, why not try gifting something new? Scroll down for some of the cutest summer gifts every host and hostess will love (and maybe pick up a little something for yourself!)

Guest soap: Pretty soaps like these from Claus Porto make the perfect hostess gift. It’s amazing how items even as simple as soap can be really elegant and sentimental gift.

Coaster set: These make a great gift because, well, who wouldn’t want another set of coasters? Coaster sets are one of those things that nobody ever really thinks about, but always needs. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Apron: We all have the one friend who thinks they are on an episode of MasterChef whenever they step foot in a kitchen, so you know a professional crip apron will be much appreciated.

Coffee table book: A great coffee table book (especially one that relates to a hobby or interest of your host) is a nice decoration to any home and will show how much you care.

Salt keeper and Maldon sea salt: Salt keepers are a stylish way to store not only salt, but other useful spices as well! Bringing a sophisticated salt keeper along with a special box of Maldon sea salt is a great two-in-one gift idea.

Pie dish: Pie is an all American summer classic which demands an all American dish! A cute red pie dish looks great for a 4th of July party (and every other party thereafter!).

Honey set: Specialty honey is a beautiful and tasty present that gives your host a variety of flavors to spread on toast or drizzle on yogurt for months to come!

Rummikub: This is the best game to play with friends and family. It’s simple enough that anyone can play over a glass of wine and good conversation.

Sugarfina: These perfectly packaged, clear boxes of lux candy will make any host happy! Sugarfina’s signature 3-piece candy bento box is a great treat for your host to enjoy.