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Jun 07

Three Hikes that will perfect your Global Wellness Day

On Saturday, June 9, over 100 countries around the world will celebrate Global Wellness Day. What started back in 2012 as a social project is now an internationally recognized movement dedicated to raising awareness around the importance of living a better life.

It’s a well-known adage: each new day presents an opportunity to pursue a healthier, more fulfilled life. We all agree, yet how often do we actually put in the effort required to make it happen?

Global Wellness Day is the perfect reason to be reminded of the importance of living well and focusing on the harmony between body and spirit. While there are many different ways to spend this day, going for a hike is one of the easiest and most fun. Hiking leads to a range of benefits including improved blood pressure and blood sugar levels, stronger core, and toned muscles.

California is a hiker’s paradise, with a variety of different landscapes. Whether you prefer a quiet stroll or a longer trek, there is a gorgeous trail ready to be explored. So, lace up those boots and, fill up your water bottle, and get outside and get moving! Here is a list we compiled of the best places to hike near Santa Ana, Chino Hills and Dublin.


Peters Canyon Regional Park: East Ridge View Trail

Just a 20-minute drive from Tribella, this 340-acre nature-filled regional park offers breathtaking views and plenty of open areas to enjoy the sunshine. It’s the perfect place to put a pause on work and simply appreciate the beauty of nature. The East Ridge View Trail within Peters Canyon is a 4.78 mile hike that boasts panoramic views of the surrounding areas and is also dog friendly. To learn about other trails in the Santa Ana area, check out one of our previous posts.


Chino Hills State Park

About a 5-minute drive from Bristol and 12-minute drive from Founders, this 14,000-acre park is an ideal location for hiking at all levels. It offers over 90 miles of different trails with Diemer Loop being one of the most beautiful at this time of the year. This 6.5-mile loop hike has a “moderate” incline and can be hiked in either direction. You will be crossing a rolling ridgeline with spectacular views of Orange County before descending down into the stunning Telegraph Canyon filled with sycamore, manzanita, and maple trees. Check out more Chino Hills State Park trails here.


Tassajara Creek Regional Park

Located just minutes from our Fielding and Perch communities in Dublin, the Tassajara Creek Regional Park is the ideal place to enjoy the outdoors and connect with the nature of Northern California. This hike is only 1.8 miles long, which makes it suitable for families with young children looking for a less-strenuous option.


It is easy to get caught up in our busy lives, and forget that it is important to take time for ourselves and our health. Global Wellness Day is the perfect time to do something that can benefit your mental and physical well-being and improve your lifestyle. So, get off the road and on the hiking trails this weekend – we promise you won’t be disappointed.