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Jun 28

3 Steps to Living a More Mindful Life

We obsess over every calorie, book our ClassPass schedule full of excruciating workouts, and drink green juice like our life depends on it. And for what? To be able to squeeze into a swimsuit, bathe in the sun by a pool or on the beach, and look so relaxed as other people with better bodies and tanner skin pass by. But are we really? Relaxed that is.

While we are hyper aware of our physical health and appearance, especially in the summertime when we want to look our best, it’s oftentimes the case that our mental wellness is overlooked.

Believe it or not (but you should definitely believe), having a consistent practice of mindfulness is as beneficial to your health as exercising regularly. Practicing mindfulness and simply living in the moment not only supports your physical health, but significantly improves your mental health as well.  

There is a plethora of information out there and knowing where and how to start your mindfulness journey can be overwhelming. So let’s keep it simple. Scroll down for  three easy tips that will get you on the path to a more mindful lifestyle.

Practice acceptance: One of the most important aspects to your mindfulness practice is to embrace and accept whatever may come your way. It is so easy to let negativity, stress, and agitation into our lives as things don’t go the way we intend –  like getting a call from your boss making yet another ridiculous request or gaining extra weight from some missed gym sessions. Whatever the case, stop and just breathe for a moment. If your find your mind wandering into a stressful, critical, or negative territory, be aware and calmly guide it back to whatever your present situation is. The ability to accept is the biggest yet most rewarding and powerful aspect to living a more mindful life.

Remember, You are #1: In an effort to take care of the people and things around us, we often forget to take care of ourselves. Try to incorporate self-love into your everyday life, even if it’s something as small as lighting your favorite candle as you get ready for bed or carving out the time to apply a calming face mask. Daily TLC rituals can help to get you in healthier, more positive mindset, so you can conquer the day or week ahead! Remember, you can’t give 100%, if you don’t feel 100%.

Share your thoughts: Sharing your thoughts is a great way to process your feelings, worries, beliefs etc. You can share them with another person like a close friend, family member or even a therapist. Confiding in another individual can be very comforting, and they can potentially help sort out your thoughts and feelings. Writing a journal is also a great way to share your feelings. Be it on your computer or in an old school notebook, keeping a daily log of the happenings in your life is a major stress reliever that will instantly allow you to be more mindful in your everyday life.  


Jun 21

8 Essentials to Transform Your Home into a Summer Retreat

Summer officially arrives on June 21 and what better way to welcome the new season than a mini home makeover? Yes, the word “makeover” can seem a bit intimidating, but rest assured with just a little reorganization and something new, transforming your home into a personal summer retreat will be as easy as tanning poolside, iced tea in hand. (Okay maybe not that easy, but you get the point).

Here are our top 8 summer home essentials that will make you feel like you’re on vacation every time you return home from work.

  1. Straw baskets: If you feel particularly uninspired to organize the random items thrown about your home, straw baskets are here to save the day! Lidded or baskets like these Lily and Serena ones are the chicest way to neatly store everything from beach towels to kids toys, leaving your home with a sense of calm. Arranging these multipurpose baskets in a corner or throughout your home is a great way to incorporate textural decoration and subtle beach vibes.
  2. Colorful throw pillows: Refresh your home by adding colorful throw pillows to your couch! This easy fix is a quick way to completely change up your living space for the summer. Pillows are perfect if you’re looking for an inviting area for guests to sit on (as you will host a million fabulous dinner parties from now until Labor Day). Check out these pretty embroidered coral pillows from Pottery Barn!
  3. Area rug: Statement rugs are a great way to center an open space such as a living room or bedroom, and can help complete your interior look. Light, neutral jute rugs like this are practical and will brighten up any space, but don’t be afraid to experiment with color. It’s summer after all! There are so many adorable, playful area rugs that offer a splash of color without being too overwhelming.
  4. Linen bedding: Linen is practically synonymous with summer. This light and airy fabric is the perfect bedding option for those uncomfortably warm summer nights. By replacing all your beds with linen sheets you will not only give your home a resort-like aesthetic, but will add a touch of luxury to every bedroom. These high-quality linen bedding sets from Parachute have rave reviews and customers have claimed that they get nicer the more you use them.
  5. Fun serveware: If you plan on entertaining, or need an excuse to buy something fun, unique serveware like this painted pitcher and serving plate from Anthropologie is a must! Going on the hunt to find the perfect summer serveware or dining sets to show off your personality can be a process, but just think of the extra fun you’ll have presenting fresh summer meals to friends and family.
  6. Seasonal candles: The calendar year could honestly be divided into candle scents. The smell of pine needles or cinnamon spices invade our homes throughout the fall and winter months, while spring and summer give way to lighter scents of ‘ocean breeze’ or warmer notes of things like deliciously smoky wood. This candle by Clove and Creek called ‘Campfire’ smells like a literal campfire and will fill your home with the sweet memories of roasting marshmallows at sleepaway camp.
  7. Dish towels: As simple as they are, dish towels hung on the handle of your stove or anywhere really, are such a necessary kitchen accessory. The best part about them? They’re replaceable, so you can have fun finding new ones for every season! Keep it simple and summery with a country home striped tea towel like this, or go crazy with this colorful chambray dish towel.

Decorative ceramics: Handmade, perfectly imperfect ceramic pieces like this simple ‘flat bowl’ from Felt + Fat are a great accessory for any home. Use a large ceramic bowl (or set of bowls) as a centerpiece for your dining table, or as a place to load all your summer fruit on your kitchen counter. Smaller decorative pieces work beautifully on side tables or by the front door so you can dump your keys in a reliable spot (because you already lost them twice today).

Jun 14

Three Father’s Day celebrations every dad will love

Warm weather, late sunsets, and the sound of the ice cream truck circling around the neighborhood; summer is definitely here and Father’s day isn’t too far behind! Father’s day is June 17, and now is the time to start planning your perfect day of celebration that will let him know just how much you love him. Whether it’s his first or his fifth, what can you do to make this Father’s Day special? We have three celebration ideas for every type of dad: the wine dad, the nautical dad, and the ESPN dad. Whichever one you choose, he’s sure to be one proud papa.

The Wine Dad: He thinks he’s a sommelier every time he picks up a bottle or orders a glass.

Trust us, Dad just wants a day free from any pressure and what better way to relax and unwind than a day that begins and ends with wine. Head to a local vineyard for a wine tasting that’s guaranteed to make him feel extra special. Get a taste of Malibu’s finest wines, and meet the exotic animals who live at Saddlerock Ranch, as you explore the Malibu Wine Safari. Tickets are limited, so reserve your wine-filled day of fun and food in advance here.

The Nautical Dad: Never takes his Sperry’s off and includes the word “boat” in his retirement plan.

Enjoying each other’s company as a family seems simple, but it’s so easy to get sidetracked from your time together. Get away from the house, set your sights on the sea and rent a Duffy boat for the day! Located in Newport Beach (Newport Harbor), Duffy Electric Boat Rentals are always a fun way to celebrate with family and friends. Pack a picnic and you’re ready to go! Last minute walk-in customers are welcome, but we recommend that you book your boat in advance. Explore everything Duffy has to offer here.

The ESPN Dad: He probably coached your childhood soccer team, and loves to call you “sport”.

If dad taught you how to throw a baseball and the best way to break in your new glove, then why not return the favor and treat dad to an unforgettable afternoon at the ballpark on his big day! For fathers who like to spend their free time following sports, an afternoon in the sun, soaking in America’s Pastime, is the way to go. Nothing says “DAD” more than cracker jacks, ice cold beer, and foam fingers. Take dad to the ballpark and watch the Los Angeles Dodgers play against the San Francisco Giants this Father’s Day. Buy your tickets here.

Father’s Day is traditionally a day of breakfast in bed and carefully selected (but hardly ever worn) ties. For every kind of dad, there’s a perfect Father’s Day activity to enjoy and remember forever. From wine tasting and boating to a ball game, make it a day dad will never forget with a celebration that perfectly fits his personality.


Jun 10

Builder & Developer: An Interview with Michael Maples & Gregg Nelson

Builder & Developer interviews Trumark co-founders on the heels of the company’s 30th anniversary.

Jun 07

Three Hikes that will perfect your Global Wellness Day

On Saturday, June 9, over 100 countries around the world will celebrate Global Wellness Day. What started back in 2012 as a social project is now an internationally recognized movement dedicated to raising awareness around the importance of living a better life.

It’s a well-known adage: each new day presents an opportunity to pursue a healthier, more fulfilled life. We all agree, yet how often do we actually put in the effort required to make it happen?

Global Wellness Day is the perfect reason to be reminded of the importance of living well and focusing on the harmony between body and spirit. While there are many different ways to spend this day, going for a hike is one of the easiest and most fun. Hiking leads to a range of benefits including improved blood pressure and blood sugar levels, stronger core, and toned muscles.

California is a hiker’s paradise, with a variety of different landscapes. Whether you prefer a quiet stroll or a longer trek, there is a gorgeous trail ready to be explored. So, lace up those boots and, fill up your water bottle, and get outside and get moving! Here is a list we compiled of the best places to hike near Santa Ana, Chino Hills and Dublin.


Peters Canyon Regional Park: East Ridge View Trail

Just a 20-minute drive from Tribella, this 340-acre nature-filled regional park offers breathtaking views and plenty of open areas to enjoy the sunshine. It’s the perfect place to put a pause on work and simply appreciate the beauty of nature. The East Ridge View Trail within Peters Canyon is a 4.78 mile hike that boasts panoramic views of the surrounding areas and is also dog friendly. To learn about other trails in the Santa Ana area, check out one of our previous posts.


Chino Hills State Park

About a 5-minute drive from Bristol and 12-minute drive from Founders, this 14,000-acre park is an ideal location for hiking at all levels. It offers over 90 miles of different trails with Diemer Loop being one of the most beautiful at this time of the year. This 6.5-mile loop hike has a “moderate” incline and can be hiked in either direction. You will be crossing a rolling ridgeline with spectacular views of Orange County before descending down into the stunning Telegraph Canyon filled with sycamore, manzanita, and maple trees. Check out more Chino Hills State Park trails here.


Tassajara Creek Regional Park

Located just minutes from our Fielding and Perch communities in Dublin, the Tassajara Creek Regional Park is the ideal place to enjoy the outdoors and connect with the nature of Northern California. This hike is only 1.8 miles long, which makes it suitable for families with young children looking for a less-strenuous option.


It is easy to get caught up in our busy lives, and forget that it is important to take time for ourselves and our health. Global Wellness Day is the perfect time to do something that can benefit your mental and physical well-being and improve your lifestyle. So, get off the road and on the hiking trails this weekend – we promise you won’t be disappointed.