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Feb 18

Best Types of the Plants to Grow Indoors

When it comes to indoor houseplants, two requirements come to mind: low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing. These forgiving, neglect-resistance plants not only act as beautiful decorative pieces, but can also purify the surrounding air and add a little Zen to your home.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is known for its signature white blooms surrounded by bold bronze-green foliage. Peace lilies are low-maintenance houseplants and come in a wide variety of sizes and types.  In fact, they grow anywhere from one to six feet tall. NASA named this plant in its list of “Top Ten Air Cleaning Plants” for the plant’s ability to filter toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide from the surrounding air. Peace lilies like to be watered a lot at one time, so water the plant until moisture comes out the drainage holes. Since peace lilies produce crystals that can irritate the skin, keep small children and pets away from the plant and always wash your hands after handling.


The most common potted type of aloe is the aloe vera, which produces a sap that can help soothe and heal small scrapes. Aside for its health benefits, indoor aloe plants thrive on minimal care and only need to be watered every few weeks. To keep your spikey, sword-shaped plants happy, place them in a location where the plants can enjoy plenty of indirect sunlight. Florists suggest potting the plant in clay pots with a drainage tray and positioning it in near a south-facing window.

English Ivy

Often found both indoors and outdoors, the English ivy is one of the more popular houseplants. The English ivy’s long, elegant vines and lush leaves make it a wonderful indoor trailing plant or indoor topiary. This plant requires plenty of indirect sunlight and prefers cooler, humid environments. According to a NASA study on indoor plants, English ivy plants can actually absorb air-born toxins. However, pet owners should avoid English ivy because it is toxic to cats and dogs.


The colorful flower clusters of the Kalanchoe are perfect for brightening up any windowsill in your home. These flowers come in a variety of colors such as bright pinks, oranges, reds, whites and yellows. Although the flowers only last several weeks, the kalanchoe’s thick, oval-shaped scalloped leaves will be a beautiful addition to your home year-round. These low maintenance plants thrive in low humidity winters and require lots of light. Kalanchoes are often victims of overwatering, so make sure to always empty the drainage tray after watering.

Jade Plant

Jade plants are evergreen plants with thick branches and rounded, smooth oval leaves. These houseplants make beautiful additions to kitchens and home offices. Nicknamed the “money plant”, jade plants are often associated with prosperity, wealth and good luck. Since these succulents thrive in sunlight, place your jade plant at a south-facing window where it can receive at least four hours of direct sunlight. Buy your own miniature jade plant here.