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Jan 07

Home Organizing Tips

Your home is your escape from the chaotic outside world. An organized home fosters inspiration, productivity and togetherness. Kick off the New Year right by giving your home a new, tidy beginning!

Assess your clutter. Start your clutter assessment with your messiest room. Sort your items into four categories: keep, trash, donate, other room. A good rule of thumb is the 3-year rule: throw out anything that you haven’t used in the last 3 years. Chances are you probably won’t be using it in the next 3 years. This applies to items such as clothes, shoes, toiletries, and old appliances. It is important to clear out your unwanted items first so that you can find a way to store the things that really matter to you. Consider donating your unwanted clothing to your local Salvation Army location.

Find a home for your items. Now that you’ve decided what items have made the cut, it is time to find them a home. Arrange your items according to how frequently they’re used and where they‘re frequently used. Once you’ve separated what belongs in the bedroom from what belongs in the living room, commit to this placement so you’ll always know where to find that item.

Baskets, bins, and dividers.  Baskets are our go-to storage solution because they are both functional and decorative. We recommend open-top baskets for storing frequently used items and lidded baskets for all other items such as personal documents. Our favorites include these seagrass baskets and these woven tray baskets that are perfect for storing books and magazines in the living room. Under-the-bed storage containers are perfect for storing out of season clothes or shoes. Organize your freezer by categorizing your frozen food and placing them in shoebox-sized bins. Always struggling to find the lids to your Tupperware? Use drawer dividers to separate lids from containers.

Keep it clean. Now that you’ve successfully organized your home, the real challenge is to keep it clean. Avoid creating new “disaster zones” and “junk drawers” by getting into the habit of putting belongings back to their respective areas at the end of the day. If they don’t have a permanent home, ask yourself whether the item is worth keeping. Make sure to limit the number of items on your tabletops and keep only a few functional or decorative items on that surface. As for magazines and newspapers, commit to throwing away old issues once the tray basket gets full.

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