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Nov 10

Thanksgiving Table Decor to Impress Your Guests

With the hustle and bustle of holiday cooking, we are often left fretting about what to bring to the table instead of enjoying the decor that’s already on it. This holiday season, try making your Thanksgiving table arrangement part of the meal experience, and change up what you think you know about table decor. Here are a couple ways to bring together the event without straining the host.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside  

We love the ambiance of fall colors in nature, but indoor/outdoor seating during this time of year is a recipe for lukewarm food and chilly guests. To give your table a woodsy, autumnal effect without having to leave the comfort of indoor fireplaces and heating, consider decorating your table settings or runner with leaves and vines from the backyard. This sounds like a back-to-school DIY, but elegant settings like this one masterfully incorporate organic elements to give a rustic effect to placemats.

You can even use the same idea to decorate votives with chestnuts or festive berries. If this DIY isn’t your style (or you don’t have a large backyard to pull from), it is still helpful to gain inspiration from the fall colors around you. Some areas have more orange/ yellow fall hues, while other parts of the country may celebrate a warm thanksgiving that yields itself to greens, yellows and whites. Tailoring your setting to the environment may bring a new personalization to the event.

Variations on a Hue

One decor trend that we are obsessing over this fall is the use of monochromatic or neutral toned decorations. This is especially fun and applicable when decoration for Thanksgiving in warmer locations, includings Southern California’s deserts and beaches. While these areas may not experience significant seasonal changes, their natural fall landscapes are beautiful nonetheless. This inspiration from Tone on Tone blends minimalistic hues with chic, traditional styles.

If your Thanksgiving decorations are getting repetitive (cornucopias, leaves, reds, oranges, dark hues) we recommend the monochromatic, fresh hue trend. It is a new take on the classic Thanksgiving spread, but that spin might just bring you a new perspective on what is already such a special day.