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Nov 18

Stepping Up Your Master Bathroom

The master bathroom may not be your first thought when you’re dreaming of a getaway, but maybe it should be! A few simple, spa-like touches can elevate your master bath into a luxurious oasis.

Quick Fixes

Budget: $15-50

Time: 0-1 hour

If you are looking for an easy add to the master bath space, we recommend candles, towels and vanity accessories. Placing candles around the bathtub will open up the room and add additional soft lighting.  

Buying new, fluffy towels will surely step up the master bath game, but displaying said towels can elevate your bathroom’s look even further. Consider incorporating a rustic vanity display to store and display towels, soap and other bathroom accessories in a way that is organized and elegant.

Placing green plants near windows will also transform the bathroom. Consider selecting a signature candle and matching scent room spray. All of these modifications will make your bathroom easier to use and more visually appealing.

Bigger Additions

Budget: $50-200

Time: an hour or more

If quick fixes don’t complete the revamping project, consider adding in bigger wall mirrors to open up the space. Moreover, try painting the walls a soft white or lighter pastel to give the master bath a more airy atmosphere.

Next Level Updates

Budget: 200 +

Time: day long process

To fully transform your master bath into a spa style environment, consider adding jets to the standard bathtub or changing the shower heads to include a rain-water head. These technical changes will forever transform your nightly routine, leading to a more balanced and centered you!