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Jul 13

The Key to a Perfectly Decorated Guest Bedroom

One of the simple beauties of owning your own home is having the opportunity to host guests. However, this idea is often more glamorous in theory than in practice, and many homeowners struggle with perfecting their guest bedrooms. The decorating process doesn’t have to be a large production. In fact, keeping it simple and focused on the little details is the key to a wonderful stay.

Clean Decor

Seasons change, but guest room decor doesn’t have to. Your visitor’s quarters do not have to embody the epitome of the latest trends and fashions; it is far more important to keep decorations and bed accessories timeless and comfortable. The essentials? Fluffy pillows, a climate temperate duvet, and plenty of soft throw blankets. There is nothing more uncomfortable as a guest than a too cold or too warm stay because of stuffy comforters or rough blankets.

Ease of Electronics, Outlets and Lights

 This might seem like a small and meaningless detail, but making sure there is a visible outlet and light switch close to the bed is a must for any thoughtful host. Guests don’t want to worry about charging their phones or stumbling into bed in the dark. This common problem can be solved with a chic bedside charging station. These are sleek, helpful, and usually offer a clock interface so guests don’t have to reach for their phones to know the time. Pair it will a tasteful nightside lamp that can be turned off with ease from the side of the bed, and make sure that television remotes are simple to use. Consider writing a little note to guests regarding the “how to’s” of the home, from the television to the coffee maker. Visitors don’t want to bother, and this will show attention and care on your part.  

Florals and Aroma

 Tangential with the simple decor, it is still important to showcase thoughtfulness through subtle details. Prior to arrival, place a few complementing floral arrangements in the bed and bathrooms, and burn a favorite candle. These are minor changes that will make any visitor feel calm and welcomed. Consider picking one of these luxury decorative candles that double as interior design and delightful aroma.


Jul 12 Dublin’s Wallis Ranch Named Master Planned Community of the Year recognizes Wallis Ranch as the 2017 recipient of the 54th annual Gold Nugget award.

Jul 11

Trumark Homes Expands Southern California Portfolio With Introduction of Two New Home Communities

Next generation builder breaks ground on 190 new homes in San Bernardino County on heels of sell out at its award-winning Upcoast community in Costa Mesa

Newport Beach, Calif. (July 11, 2017) –Trumark Homes, the national award-winning California homebuilder, has announced plans to expand its footprint in Southern California with the introduction of two new communities – Founders in Chino Hills and another new project in Ontario. The two new communities will offer 76 new single-family homes and 114 new condos to respond to the unrelenting market demand for residential options in attractive markets and at approachable price points throughout Southern California. This news falls on the heels of Trumark announcing the recent sell out of Upcoast, an intimate community of 28 detached homes in Upcoast, CA just one mile up the coast.

“Southern California’s housing market is primed for ongoing growth as the demand continues to outweigh the supply, especially for entry-level home products. Trumark is committed to delivering homes that appeal to a wide array of buyers and that are located close to the social and cultural hubs of their respective area,” said Eric Nelson, Vice President of Community Development at Trumark Homes. “If the success of our Upcoast community is any indication as to the demand in these key Southern California markets, we are confident that the homes within these two new communities will be very well received.”

Founders will present 76 two-story duet homes situated amongst prominent residential neighborhoods in northwest Chino Hills. Priced from the mid-$700,000s, Founders will offer four- and five-bedroom homes ranging in size from 2,442 square feet to 2,566 square feet. The duet homes will also feature traditional orientation to private streets, two car garages with driveways, backyards and private living space. Sales are anticipated to launch in fall 2017 and model homes are slated to open in early 2018. Founders is located at 2100 Founders, Chino Hills, CA.

Situated on 7.8 acres, the new community in Ontario will comprise 114 attached condominiums ranging from 1,430 square feet to 1,946 square feet in three-plex and six-plex style buildings featuring a contemporary craftsman architectural style. Each residence will be designed with two-car garages and select homes will have private rear yards and/or large private balconies. The new residential development will also boast a pool, along with a walking paseo that stretches through the middle of the community. Trumark plans to launch sales in fall 2017 with model homes slated to debut in early 2018. The community is located at 2324 S. Euclid Avenue in Ontario.

Trumark Homes is also active in Southern California with communities Tribella in Santa Ana and Bristol in Chino Hills, which are both currently selling. An award-winning homebuilder, Trumark Homes has been recognized by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) at The Nationals Awards in

January 2017 and Building Industry Association (BIA) for the Excellence in Home Building Awards in April 2017.

About Trumark Homes
Trumark Homes is a visionary, next generation homebuilder with a robust portfolio of new home neighborhoods spanning the state of California. Emphasizing distinction and innovation in every home, Trumark Homes focuses on core infill developments in locations that exhibit strong job growth and provide access to major job centers. The nationally award-winning homebuilder is part of the Trumark Group of Companies, a diversified real estate development and building firm that also includes: Trumark Communities, a residential land development platform; Trumark Commercial, which builds, leases and sells commercial buildings; and Trumark Urban, a vertically integrated residential developer focused on core urban neighborhoods. For more information, visit


Jul 07

Filling a Home with Light: Tips for a Memorable Housewarming Party

Whether you’re a first time home owner or a well seasoned real estate zealot, there is something universally special about moving into a new home. Eager anticipation mixed with a new sense of comfort and relaxation makes for an incredibly memorable snapshot– an emotional time capsule simply begging to be commemorated with a meaningful housewarming party. With a few thoughtful tips and party additions, you can ensure that the event sets a tone of love, warmth, and positivity for years to come.

Selecting a Signature Scent  

One creative way to christen a new home is selecting a signature scent, ie candles, fragrance oils, etc., to burn on the night of the party. This will not only create an inviting aroma for guests, but also yield an olfactory memory forever linked to your home and the happiness of the experience. Having a signature scent also presents the opportunity to return the traditional “gift giving” favor to guests and send each individual home with a personal candle or fragrance oil.

Offering Petite Bites

When selecting food options for the event, it is important to keep in mind the nomadic nature of a housewarming party. Nothing will soil the evening more than a pulled pork slider gone rogue or red wine on the white sofa. However, you can still keep the food delicious while also being portable and clean. Charcuterie plates are as beautiful as they are tasty and mess free, you can even make multiple mini trays and spread them throughout the house– mixing various cheeses, crackers, fruits and veggies to keep guests happily grazing all throughout the tour. They key is to keep the food individualized and relatively sauce-free, and that doesn’t mean you have to settle for boring and tasteless. Think blue crab beignets, stuffed endive with herbed goat cheese, and vanilla almond macarons: glamorous, portable and perfect for a memorable evening.

Keeping Decor Simple

Finally, this is a time to relish in the freshness of a new home. It is essential to keep the decorations minimal, and not to clutter the space with dated and ephemeral decorations. Keep it simple and timeless; stick to no more than three additions. Flowers are the ideal way to give the space an extra special touch, but keep the arrangements minimal. Decide on a few cohesive types like roses, peonies and hydrangeas, then sprinkle them throughout the house, not forgetting the guest powder room. Next add mirrors to the smaller rooms in the house to open up the area, and finally, decorate with a framed photos of friends and family. While this is a night to celebrate the house itself, it is above all a time to remember those special individuals who make your house a home.


Jul 07

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