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May 17

Add Life to Home Decor with Mood-Enhancing Flowers

Add a personal and mood-enhancing touch to your home décor with the natural beauty of flowers. Whether you have consciously or unconsciously developed your home décor to express feelings such as peace, serenity, passion, excitement or others, flowering plants add a splash of color that helps bring rooms to life. Here are a few ideas about how to naturally accent your home.

Fun, Vibrant Kitchens

Kitchens tend to be the place where most everyday life occurs. Whether it’s sipping your morning coffee, cooking family dinners, chatting over afternoon snacks or sharing the day’s events, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Explore your creative side in ways that reflect the room. For example, a bouquet of short-cut Black Eyed Susans in mason jars with water can brighten up a window sill. Line the bottom of the jar with smooth stones or seashells and add a ribbon to pull the display together.

The kitchen is a wonderful place to strategically recommission household items. Take a colorful kettle or red and yellow tomato can or other common kitchen items and use them as interesting bases. One the more fun and vibrant indoor plant families to explore are Gerber Daisies. They have a wide range of bursting colors from pinks to oranges to reds and purples. Gerber Daisies are extremely playful to the eye and uplifting to the spirit.

Serene Living Rooms

Living rooms tend to be less bustling and more relaxing spaces. The décor often reflects this ambiance with off-whites and neutral color schemes, but a splash of greenery won’t derail your meditative feeling. In fact, low light leafy plants are a subtle way to incorporate life. A Philodendron Hederaceum in a nondescript planter makes sense. Although they’re often used as hanging plants, they work well in a less prominent fashion on a corner table. Pothos, or Epipremnun Aureum, is like an indoor Hosta with chartreuse leaves while the yellow accents add color and height. The decision really depends on the mood you are trying to set in the room. But when it comes to living rooms, maintaining relaxing plant décor should entail backing off on bright colors and using neutral pots and planters.

When making decisions about how to decorate your home with flowers, think about how you want each room to feel. Bright colors excite the eye and deep greens calm. Don’t hesitate to use everyday items for displays or planters. But be careful not to allow the base to overpower the plant itself. Developing your flower décor is an ongoing exploration and change is as natural as the seasons. Get some ideas from Pinterest and give it a try.