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Feb 22

Home Organization: How to Create a Clutter-free Bathroom

With spring right around the corner, you are probably thinking of ways to clean, organize and declutter your home. One of the best places to start this seasonal task is your bathroom. Here are a few tips to get your bathroom space in order:

Out With the Old and Unused

If your bathroom is like most, it is cluttered with quite a few items that you will never use. Whether it’s shampoo that didn’t quite live up to its claims of voluminous, shiny hair or a new type of gel that led to stickiness instead of control, if you don’t use it regularly, toss it. Try to eliminate all the items that are not really essential to your regular hygiene routine.

Keep Your Drying Unmentionables Hidden

If you regularly dry your delicates in your bathroom, the space may look cluttered and cramped from the hangers and dangling clothes. To keep the zen atmosphere you’ve worked to achieve, exchange the rod of your shower curtain for a combination rod — one that combines a towel bar with a curtain rod. Be sure to install it so that the towel bar is hidden behind the shower curtain. That way, when you dry your items, you will only see your decorative shower curtain.

Creatively Add More Shelving

If you need more counter or cabinet space, consider adding shelving to help with home organization. Without much effort, you can tack baskets to your bathroom walls to create a shadow-box effect. Fill them with items that you need, such as towels or toilet paper. As long as you place the items neatly, the new shelving can add a bit of decorative flair to your bathroom as you declutter.

Maximize Your Shower Space

Some of the items that you use regularly in the shower can remain in that area of your bathroom. To keep shampoos, soaps and bath sponges neatly organized, use a shower organizer. These handy units hang on your shower head and offer shelving to keep your essentials in plain view and away from the edge of your tub.

With a little effort, your bathroom will be organized and clutter-free in no time, which leaves you to focus on the other rooms in the house.