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Jan 20

Top 10 Home Friendly Gadgets on Exhibit at CES 2017

Anyone with an eye for design or a passion for tech owes themselves a trip to the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). With hundreds of exciting vendors and expositions on the famous strip in Las Vegas, Nevada – featuring the latest and the greatest in the most up-to-date consumer technology – CES is the biggest and the best exposition of its kind. With a technology show like CES, it can be a challenge to distil it all down to a few of the best items featured. Nevertheless, here are 10 of the most exciting home safety, convenience and improvement products that were on display this year. Home Security Drone

An early runner for and Qualcomm’s joint project for in-home security drones. It’s difficult to guess how well these will perform, but they certainly represent the next revolution in advanced home security systems.


ADT Pulse

Arriving this month, the ADT Pulse is an upgrade for Amazon’s popular virtual assistant. It allows owners of Alexa-enabled smart devices to control their home security system with simple spoken commands.


Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Refrigerators

The update to the Samsung Family Hub that launched in 2016. This year’s appliances offer Samsung’s proprietary voice recognition software and improved app integration.


Belkin WeMo Dimmer Wi-Fi Light Switch

This second generation smart light switch from Belkin is the next big thing in controlling lights remotely and using smartphones to control light settings. It can be used with any bulb type including incandescent, LED or CFL. The new Night Mode allows you to set a specific brightness level for a set period of time. Touch sensitive control panel and a color coded light bar is the indicator for what function it’s performing.


Black & Decker Smartech Robotic Vacuum

While robo vacuum tech has been with us for a while, Black & Decker is now throwing in its bid to deliver a robot sweeper that will help keep floors clean for less.


Breezi Airpulse

This unique little item from AirPulse is low on flash – but big on function – designed to sit inside the vents of your HVAC system and monitor sounds to detect problems with the heating or air conditioning system. AirPulse claims to save homeowners thousands in repairs by detecting problems early.


Carrier Cor Smart Thermostats

These advanced new smart thermostats are compatible with Alexa and Siri and allow the user to control their HVAC system when away from home.


Catspad Smart Pet Feeder

This unique pet feeder is one of the most pet-friendly to hit the market and feeds your cat or dog food and water on schedule, or by smartphone.



This sophisticated smart baby lounger features a monitor that detects moisture and alerts the parent if the baby has wet the bed. Additionally, it has a speaker for baby-friendly music, white noise, a monitor mic and a companion mobile app, which sends you alerts when your baby wakes up.


D-Link HD Wi-Fi Camera DCS 8000

This Wi-Fi home security camera features night vision capabilities, as well as sound and motion detection, and for only $70 this is probably the most affordable and compact security camera with this range of capabilities.