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Dec 17

5 Ways to Prepare for Your In-Laws

‘Tis the season to host your in-laws! Even if you’re on excellent terms with your in-laws, spending weeks together at home may be difficult to manage for even the most seasoned of hosts. Don’t panic. These tips will not only help get you through the holidays, but you may find that you actually enjoyed yourself. Consider it a gift from our family to yours.

1. Set Expectations
Make sure you and your significant other are on the same page. Discuss what the holidays mean to each of you and what is important. Find the holiday tradition that matters to you both by understanding what your partner and their family value – this will help to set an actionable agenda for when your in-laws arrive.

2. Prep Your Home
Aside from the usual holiday décor, there are several things you can do to bring holiday cheer and comfort to the overall ambiance of your home. From the moment your guests walk in, your home could smell like the holidays with DIY Potpourri. Light candles to create a calming effect and place seasonal flowers around the house to brighten up your home. Stock the fridge and get creative. Set up a hot cocoa bar cart to welcome guests when they arrive – a sweet surprise for any in-law.

3. Personal Touch
Find out what they like. They will be impressed when it just so happens, you have their favorite reading material available bedside, or their favorite snacks prepared as a welcome basket in their guestroom. It’s the little things that can make all the difference.

4. Have A (Flexible) Plan
“What do you want to do? I don’t know…” Sound familiar? This is what you don’t want to happen. While it is important to understand their interests and what they might like to do, that is something you should have planned out prior to their visit. If your in-laws enjoy art, take them to a museum; if they like outdoor activities, take them on a doable outdoor adventure. If they aren’t feeling social, then a movie night could be an excellent idea for everyone! Have a variety of activities planned and always be ready for changes. Creating activities will not only break up the time spent at home, but will give them something to remember and talk about.

5. Get Your In-Laws Involved
The holidays are about celebrating family and friends. Everyone likes to be a part of that in some way. They want to contribute. So go ahead, ask for help in the kitchen or perhaps with the kids. Making them feel included will be appreciated.

Happy Holidays from Trumark!