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Oct 26

4 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner

If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving get-together this year, you might be concerned about the amount of work ahead of you. Getting the house ready, preparing a feast and taking care of guests might seem like a tall order, but there are steps you can take to make life much easier on turkey day. Luckily our Trumark Homes’ premium kitchens and welcoming interiors make these tasks a little easier!

Follow these useful tips and impress your guests while also making your Thanksgiving Day celebration as enjoyable and stress-free as possible:

Get Tedious Things Done Early So You Can Focus on the Fun

Although decorating for a big holiday event can be an enjoyable experience, cleaning the house up isn’t always quite so much fun. Giving the house a thorough cleaning ahead of time will free you up for the more interesting projects when Thanksgiving comes around, and it’ll also take away the stress of worrying about how things might look to your guests. Give the oven a good cleaning and do a cobweb check around your light fixtures and chandeliers so you won’t need to do it later.

Decorating With Seasonal Fruits: Get Creative!

Everyone associates gourds and pumpkins with Thanksgiving, but not many people use these versatile items to their full potential. There are a number of options to choose from, but some popular methods of preparation include hollowing out the middle of some small gourds and pumpkins and using them as candle holders, as well as spray painting the fruits to fit whatever color theme you’re going for. These can be used as an accompaniment for flowers or even other fruits, to create a simple yet elegant display.

You can go a step further, and paint your house number on a pumpkin so that incoming guests can feel the autumn spirit before they even walk through the door!

Think Outside the Box

Use a gourd and a bit of corn husk to create a turkey napkin that can help get your guests in the holiday mood. Or even use gourds as appetizer dishes or walnut shells as spice holders! There’s no shortage of clever ways to utilize what you have. As for outside the door, why settle for a wreath when you can use a glue gun, pine cones and silk ribbons to create an elegant front door decoration?

Lastly, do you have ideas for gorgeous centerpieces that might take up a bit too much room on the dinner table? Moving the bigger arrangements to a side table will allow your guests to enjoy them while also freeing up valuable real estate for the food — which, when it comes to Thanksgiving, is always the real star of the show.

Speaking of the Menu… Don’t Wait

It might be tempting to adopt an open door policy for whoever may want to attend, but inviting guests ahead of time will allow you to better prepare for your event. You can also figure out your menu early as well, and don’t forget that there are a number of things that can be cooked in advance and frozen, like casseroles and many dessert dishes. The more you do ahead of time, the less stressful the big day will be and the more you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday!


Oct 25

Gallery Walls That Win

Gallery walls: You hear the words and are immediately thinking about a lot of work. So today we want to share with you just a few simple tips that will hopefully help you view gallery walls as a fun project rather than a daunting task!

Start by creating a vision of what you would like your gallery wall to look like. Having an idea of what you want will help you narrow down what it is you’re looking for. Do you want your photos all the same size framed in the same frame? Or different sized photos in different sized frames? Once you know what you want the process of finding becomes much easier.

If what you want is a gallery wall of different sized photos and different frames consider the following: don’t worry about finding certain amounts of specifically sized photos. You can always come up with a unique arrangement later! Also if you want to add even more character to the wall by switching up the frames, might we suggest that you stick to frames of similar style? Consider the frames in the photo for example. All three frames have the same clean, squared off look. The only difference is the color of finish. Following this guideline will help your gallery wall look more up to date and less like your grandparent’s arrangement.

Lastly, let’s avoid making a million wholes in your walls shall we? Try laying your frames out on the floor first. Make sure you’ve arranged them in the way you like them and then mark out with a pencil where they’d go on the wall. This can be done by drawing just the corner of where each frame would be placed. Be sure to use a pencil so you can go back and erase later!

Your new gallery wall will add life and character to the room!

Photo by Jasmine Star
Design by Lindye Galloway Design

Oct 19

Early 2017 Real Estate Market Predictions

Hand holding smartphone and happy new year 2017 on screen with c

2017 is shaping up to be one that favors homebuyers given falling real estate price projections, expected steadiness among interest rates, and all the great new neighborhoods Trumark Homes is bringing you.

While the volume of real estate transactions will continue to be high, the rate of growth is likely to slow in 2017.

The Right Time to Buy

Beginning with the end of 2015, housing prices grew steadily, a trend that has continued through 2016. For many, the rising costs priced them out of the housing market.

The good news is that those rising prices are likely to be curbed in 2017. Housing prices are prime for a fall, according to Bank of America analyst Chris Flanagan, making homeownership more viable for more would-be buyers. Two key factors driving the affordability are declining unemployment rates and improved worker salaries.

In the Great Depression, home prices plummeted. However, since 2011, housing prices have risen 25 percent.

Flanagan predicts that home values will drop by 1.7 percent in 2017, followed by a 2.1 percent drop in 2018 and 0.8 percent reduction in 2019.

Affordable Home Inventory to Grow

The Urban Land Institute Center for Capital Markets and Real Estate, in its three-year forecast, believes that reasonable inflation rates are a driver for an increase in new single-family home construction. Housing starts of this home type are projected to hit 900,000 in 2017, up from 842,000 in 2016 and 745,000 in 2015.

If prices do fall in 2017, and interest remains at all-time lows, as expected, then the affordability should skyrocket, especially if available housing stock is high.

When to Buy in 2017

While there is a high degree of variability based on location as to when the best time is to buy a home, generally the time frame from May to August are the best times. In states with harsh winters, the first few months of the year are usually slower, with fewer new properties on the market. As the weather warms, so too do would-be sellers.

Calculating how much of a home you can afford to buy is often an anxiety-inducing exercise. There are a large number of online calculators that can help you gauge the price range you should focus on. While the methodology for each calculator is different, they all basically work the same way.

Affordability calculators look at your household gross income, monthly debt burden (from credit cards, student and car loans, and personal loans), and the amount of down payment you will put on a purchase. If there is a specific home you want, you can also enter the asking price, likely interest rate and payment terms, real estate taxes and insurance to give you a sense as to what your monthly obligation to homeownership will be.


While there are certainly some uncertainties facing homeowners  the presidential election, fate of other globally influencing economies and consumer and investor confidence  the opportunity to buy a home in 2017 appears very real.

Oct 18

Tips to Sit On

When it comes to your family room, there are certain areas in which you may want to invest more money in than others. Take your sofa and chairs for example. Those are the elements that are what this space is all about! You go to the family room to sit with friends, family, and guests to chat, play games, or watch a movie. Comfort and durability suddenly become very important.

Sofas are one of the most expensive items in the room but we suggest that you consider spending just a little bit more and upgrade the fabric to one that brings both comfortable and high durability. Investing in a high preformance fabric will extend the life of your sofa since it can withstand stains and the sun pouring in the window that would fade it overtime. Spending that little extra now is what’s going to end up helping you save in the future!

Photo by Jasmine Star
Design by Lindye Galloway Design

Oct 13

Pretty & Practical Design

Although most of us want our homes to be pretty and draw attention to our guests, we also need a space that’s practical and has function. We don’t always want our guest’s focus to be on our clutter or mounds of things we accumulate, do we? We need places to store and hide away the un-pretty things that we have.

It can be hard finding a balance between the two- pretty vs. practical. But here’s what we suggest: Look for pieces that can offer both. We love that this bookshelf (pictured below) offers open shelving to display plenty of pretty accessories. But we also like that it offers some enclosed storage. A place for the extra things you need tucked away and hidden from the sight of your neighbor’s. It is possible to find pretty pieces that both please the eye and have storage!

Photo by Jasmine Star
Design by Lindye Galloway Design