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Jul 27

5 Tips to Boost Your Backyard This Summer

Backyard Decorating

Enjoying your beautiful backyard on a lovely summer day can be one of the most rewarding and entertaining moments. Trumark Homes has already built you the perfect home, but check out these five easy tips to give your backyard that unique boost it needs to stand out!

Add Creative Lighting

One of the more inventive ways to brighten your yard is to incorporate unique lighting. Using locations such as fine restaurants, ritzy clubs or the beach as inspiration, choose the ambience you want to portray and get started on creating your picturesque yard.

Below are a few lighting options to consider:

  • Pathway Lighting
  • Deck and/or Step Lighting
  • Outdoor Wall Lighting

If you have trees in the backyard, you can get creative by stringing lights through them to craft a stunning visual. You may also want to consider adding rope lighting around your garden area to create an eye-catching evening appearance.

Embrace Nature

Manmade decorations are always nice and can surely give your backyard a boost, but embracing the natural beauties that already exist in your yard can be just as stunning.  Consider a do-it-yourself bird feeder as an excellent, affordable way to bring the liveliness of nature and beautiful birds into your backyard. This is also an excellent opportunity to earn your green thumb by planting a flower garden.

Choose Unique Backyard Plants

To set your garden apart, choose plants that are original and vibrant. For example, Kochia Scoparia grass looks as unique as it sounds, filling your backyard with beautiful greens in the summer and vibrant reds in the winter.

There are a wide range of unique plants to spruce up your backyard area, so get creative, take it slow and enjoy making your backyard a decorative and memorable conversation piece.

Build Your Own Garden Shed

Decorating your home can be a fun and expressive outlet, so why not take that creativity outdoors and build a garden shed that can be used for any purpose whether it’s for storage or to relax. You can paint the shed an eye-catching color to match your yard or embrace recent design trends by using reclaimed wood.

Channel Your Inner Artist

If there is one general principle most backyards have in common, it is that backyard fences are boring. If you have a fence, use it to reflect your artistic vision and paint away. You can also use it as a way to display your garden plants. If you share a fence with your neighbor, don’t forget to check with them before you let loose.  Who knows, maybe they’ll share some great ideas!