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May 26

A Day to Remember: Tips for Throwing the Perfect Memorial Day Party

Memorial Day Cupcakes

Preparing your home for Memorial Day also means getting ready for summer. If you plan to host an event with 10 people or 50 people, here are a few simple, but very important things to do now that will ensure a successful event.

  1. Decorate with flare in red, white and blue

Honoring the sacrifices of those who served the United States means paying respect to the Armed Forces. It’s easy to incorporate this into your party by using red, white and blue coloring throughout your home’s decorations. Add streamers to doorways and walls. Choose ribbons and clothes in American flag stripes. Be as creative as you like to create a patriotic theme.

  1. Prepare your home with care

Before inviting anyone over, you should do a walkthrough of your home. Remove any items that may be in the way of the space you need for entertaining, and consolidate furniture as much as possible. Don’t forget, this applies to items that don’t offer seating or table space so you’ll have room for people to walk through the home. This is also a good time put away items that are easily broken or those you simply don’t want out for the event.

Also, before you send out those invitations (which of course can have a patriotic theme to them as well) determine:

  • How many people can comfortably sit in your home based on available seating
  • Consider if you can add additional seating
  • Consider using outdoor spaces (garage, backyard, deck space) for additional seating
  • Invite those you wish, but don’t overdo it based on what your home can maintain

Having too many people could limit the ability of people to move around easily.

  1. Get the grill ready

Because Memorial Day is the beginning of summer, there’s nothing like grilling or barbecuing some great meals for your guests in the backyard. If you have a grill, be sure to inspect it and confirm that it’s still in good working order after those winter months. You may even want to grill a meal or two before your party just to ensure everything is in working order.

A grill also isn’t necessary to a Memorial Day party. Preparing food on the stove and in the oven is a nice alternative; just keep an eye on your home’s temperature.

  1. Establish areas of the home for various purposes

To ensure you’re using your space efficiently, map out activities for each room. For instance, your backyard and kitchen may be the center of where people go to enjoy the food you’ve prepared and the living room can serve as your designated place to sit and talk in a quieter setting. For eating, you could also designate another area, such as the dining room or picnic tables outside. Another important area to consider is the bathroom. Make sure it is easy to get to and from the bathroom and that there are ample toiletry items like soap and toilet paper. If you hope to limit access to some areas, place furniture along those paths or close and lock doors when possible.

  1. Keep the temperature under control

In the summer, the more people that enter your home, the more important it is to have the air conditioning on; especially if you’ll be cooking indoors as well. It won’t only keep the area cool, but will also help to improve airflow. If you don’t plan to use the air conditioning, use fans and open the windows throughout the home instead.

Like most parties, having the best Memorial Day celebration requires a little planning. Following our tips and adding a few twists to the setting, food, and entertainment, as suggests, is sure to make the holiday a blast for your friends and family. Our current and upcoming homes in Northern and Southern California are perfect for setting the stage for people to come together and have fun. Enjoy your Memorial Day and have a great summer!