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Jan 20

Smooth Moves: Taking the Hassle Out of Moving

Moving Day with dog and boxes

It’s a new year, and chances are you may be moving into a new home soon! Welcome 2016 with a few tips to make your moving experience as smooth as possible. Whether you are moving next door or across the country, it can be a stressful process. By preparing and planning ahead with the following tips, you can ensure your move is as seamless and stress free as possible.

Out with the Old

  • Rather than packing and moving old or unused items, have a yard sale or donate items to a worthy cause.
  • You can also make extra money by selling your old stuff, save money on movers, and have more space in your new home.

Organize Packing for Easier Unpacking

  • Boxes tend to get mixed up when moved from one location to the next. Color code boxes with duct tape by using one color per room to make the unpacking process as smooth as possible.
  • On the outside of each box, make notes of the contents so you quickly know which room the box should be unpacked in.

Pack Smarter, Not Harder

  • Use small boxes to pack heavy items like books and large boxes to pack light items like linens.
  • Use a paper shredder to turn old magazines, newspapers, or junk mail into packing materials.

Set Aside Essentials

  • Use clear plastic bins to pack the essential bath and kitchen items, such as toilet paper, trash bags or cooking utensils that you will need on the first day in your new home and carry it with you during the move.

Keep Breakables Unbroken

  • Pack plates vertically rather than stacked on top of each other and separate them with cardboard or wrapped in newspaper.
  • Purchase glass packing box kits. You can spend money now to prevent breaks, or spend money later on new glassware.

Plastic is Your Friend

  • Use large, sealable freezer bags to keep small items organized, such as kitchen gadgets, spice bottles, medications, jewelry, office supplies, or any other loose items.
  • Use plastic and stretch wrap to cover items that do not have lids or to hold bulky items together, such as toy bins, utensil trays, bathroom baskets, pot and pan lids, or garage tools.

Protect Your Valuables

  • Be smart when it comes to packing irreplaceable items, such as family photos or sentimental items by keeping them with you at all times.
  • Valuable paperwork with important personal identity information should also be moved only by you and not sent off with a moving truck.

Choose Movers Carefully

  • If hiring a moving company, make sure they are reliable, reputable, and insured. Moving scammers advertise cheap rates and then steal your stuff, so be wary.
  • If you’re soliciting friends to help, make sure to reward them with plenty of food, drinks, and fun because no one really wants to help you move!