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Jan 13

Neighborhood Spotlight: Top Reasons to Live In Southern California’s Silver Lake

Sunset Junction in Silver Lake, Los Angeles

While you may think the word “hip” is overused, Silver Lake has all of the amenities that make for the hippest neighborhood in Los Angeles and make our SL70 community the right place to be. Here are just a few reasons to consider making Silver Lake and SL70 your new home:

  • The Music Scene – Perhaps this is the most obvious draw to Silver Lake, but the indie music scene can’t be beat. While it has a reputation for being the heart of the indie and alternative scene, there are opportunities to see a diverse set of performers at the various clubs throughout town, the most notable including The Echo, Bootie LA, and The Satellite. If you’re an aspiring artist, there are several recording and rehearsal spaces available to help you prepare to become the next best thing.


  • Bars and Restaurants – There’s no shortage of great restaurants in Silver Lake. From the tapas/wine pairing at Barbix to the trendy comfort food at The Kitchen, you’ll find something for every palette, and you’ll have the opportunity to branch out to other cultures with some Thai (Night + Market Song), Lebanese (Bowery Bungalow), Indian (Samosa House Silver Lake), Japanese (Yakuza Sushi), German (Berlin Currywurst), and even combinations like Mexican/French food from Trois Familia. The bars don’t disappoint either. Grab the strongest margarita in town at Casita Del Campo, enjoy eclectic music at The Hyperion, or take a date to Cliff’s Edge, where the awkward pauses will be filled gazing at the silent projection of films from Criterion Collection.


  • Cool Spots to Hang Out – You might not know exactly how to categorize some of the hang out spots in Silver Lake, but we’ll try. iam8bit is an art gallery/record store/arcade that mixes high and low brow for maximum fun. You can check out some art, buy a new conversation piece, find new musical artists, and watch people play the original Street Fighter on projected screens all in the same place.


  • Schools – Silver Lake has options for families looking for private schools, public schools, religious schools, and charter schools. Popular among a lot of parents, Kid’s World School, Inc offers an alternative to the traditional education system, while still relying on many traditional tenants.

With its location just outside Los Angeles, its proximity to art and culture, and its eclectic food offerings, Silver Lake is the perfect place to live if you never want to leave the neighborhood and still never run out of things to do!