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Aug 31

Plan for Regular Maintenance of Your Bay Area Home

A new home is the first step into the next phase of your life. Whether you’re starting a family, a new career or a fun-filled retirement, a new home in the San Francisco Bay Area can be the backdrop for years of safe, secure, heart-warming memories. To start off right, plan to follow a regular maintenance schedule for your home. Proper maintenance can extend the lives of your appliances and the structures of your home. And your regular inspections can reveal concerns before they become problems, saving you money and headaches. Read Full Story

Aug 24

Current Interest Rates with Los Angeles County Homes for Sale

When you buy a Los Angeles County home for sale, you’ll need a mortgage unless you’re paying the full price in cash. A mortgage breaks the total cost of your purchase into smaller monthly payments over the life of the loan. At the beginning of your term, the amounts consist primarily of interest with some principal. Toward the end, the ratio reverses with more of the total going to the principle with some interest. Even a fractional change in the rates can affect what you owe each month and in total.

According to Bankrate, interest rates are holding steady at an affordable number. However, because of an improving economy, the Federal Reserve may increase rates in September during the next meeting of central bank policymakers. For now, these are the current rates as compiled by Bankrate in Los Angeles, assuming a loan amount of $450,000, a 20 percent down payment, no points, and a credit score of 740 or greater. Your actual payments will vary. Read Full Story

Aug 17

Liven Up Your New Home with These Hardy Indoor Plants

A little greenery has an amazing ability to liven up any living space. The benefits go beyond the aesthetic, though. Research has shown plants to be effective in removing indoor pollutants. In fact, a study from NASA found that houseplants are able to remove up to 87 percent of air toxins in a 24-hour period.

Some of the most effective houseplants at removing toxins were dragon tree, ivy, ficus, philodendrons, spider plants, peace lilies, ferns, chrysanthemums, palms and the rubber plant. Several of these awesome creatures also made our list of hardy, easy-to-care-for plants. Here are our top six picks to brighten up your new home by Trumark Homes. Read Full Story

Aug 10

Clean Water and Healthy Homes In Milpitas, California

Even during this ongoing drought, Milpitas California offers excellent tap water for its residents, new and old. As in the rest of California, water is a scarce and invaluable resource. Civic leaders have been careful to safeguard their water supplies and in 2014, Milpitas tap water met all US Environmental Protection Agency standards. Two-thirds of Milpitas water comes primarily from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. The rest comes from the Santa Clara Valley Water District. Two water treatment plants, Penetencia and Santa Teresa, filter and disinfect the water before it is sent into city homes. On average, over 16,000 Milpitas homes consume over 8.7 million gallons of water a day! Protecting the water, and the environment in general, is an excellent way to maintain the high quality of your new Milpitas home.

Help Keep Milpitas Environmentally Healthy!

An easy way to maintain environmental quality is to choose environmentally safe cleaning supplies. Standard cleaning supplies often contain harsh chemicals that can be toxic to biological organisms. When these toxins enter the food chain, they can be transmitted through to humans, and carry with them the harmful poisons. Packaging also presents problems, as most cleaning supplies are contained in plastics that don’t degrade or break down. The chemicals and plastics can stay in the environment for years, causing acute (immediate onset) or chronic (ongoing) health issues over generations. Read Full Story

Aug 03

Trumark Homes Presents Timber in Newark, Calif.

There are two types of homes within the Timber at Newark community recently built by Trumark Homes: Shade at Timber and Canopy at Timber. While both can accommodate single families, there are differences in the model of the two homes that families must consider when purchasing their new home in Timber. 

Shade at Timber

Located along Cedar Boulevard and Timber Street, there are three single family floor plans that are available at the Shade in Timber community. The sizes range from 2,115 to 2,405 square feet. They each have four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, as well as a two car attached garage. The only difference between their amenities is that the 2,406 square foot house is the only one that does not have a second floor deck or the option to have a loft put in one of the bedrooms.  Read Full Story