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Jul 20

Controlling the Costs of Moving to Your New Home

Congratulations! Trumark Homes has just completed the final touches on your home so you’re excited to move in. You’ve called around and found a reputable moving company who has given you a quote based on how much you’re moving and from where. Examine those numbers carefully. The company can add several fees to drive those costs up.

DIY v. Professional Movers

Don’t automatically assume hiring movers is more expensive than moving yourself. While that rental truck looks like a good deal, too many do-it-yourself people put a lot of sweat into a move, only to realize they’ve spent more on a U-Haul than they would have on professional movers. When considering professionals, collect at least three quotes from different companies. Despite what you might think, it is possible to negotiate with movers. Even moving companies have an off-season: if you can time your move during fall or winter, companies often lower their rates as much as 30 percent, according to moving industry consultant Vasi Atanasova.

Compare Costs

Moving companies offer varying services and will charge for each service. Ask about possible charges that could arise during your move and the fees attached to these services. Services may include accessorial chargesexpedited service chargeflight chargelonghaul chargeslong carry charges and shuttle service. They can usually all be avoided or at least calculated into the cost if you plan in advance. There should never be any, or very little, surprise in the total cost of your move.

Packing Fees

If you can pack and unpack your own goods, you can save significantly on the fees. However, you’re responsible for any damage. If you want the company to assume full responsibility and want to save time, the movers can put everything in boxes and take them out again for you for an extra fee. In either case, you may be charged for any special padding or materials necessary to keep large furniture safe. Expect to pay for disassembling furniture pieces and putting them back together, disconnecting and reconnecting appliances, or taking care of delicate pieces, such as antiques and artwork. You’ll also get hit by fees for moving bulky items, such as pianos, pool tables, and riding lawn mowers.

All By Yourself

If the moving truck seems larger than all the stuff you’re transporting, it’s because yours is not the only home that’s being transferred that day. Moving companies often combine shipments to keep your moving costs down and to use vehicles and employees more efficiently. You can reserve a truck exclusively for your move but this will cost. Delivery usually takes longer and you’ll also get your goods on a date they specify, which is not guaranteed and may be inconvenient to you.

Keeping It Safe

Nail down a move-in date and allow plenty of time for your goods to arrive. Otherwise, if your house isn’t ready when your stuff arrives, or if something unexpected happens, like you don’t get to your home until a day later, the moving company puts your goods in a warehouse. This incurs extra fees for storage, which only go up as the days pass, as well as labor because movers have to unload your goods at a storage facility and then load it back up again.

Ensuring by Insuring

If your goods are damaged or lost by the moving company, you’re paid by basic coverage, which can amount to 50 cents or less per pound of goods, no matter what your stuff cost to repair or replace. If you want to ensure that you get full compensation, opt for Full Value Protection insurance, which guarantees replacement compensation for any issues at an extra cost.

Track Twice, Deduct Once

Keep track of every moving expense. If your move meets certain criteria, such as a distance test, you may be able to deduct your expenses. But be sure to check the exact IRS rules, which can be confusing. If you work with an accountant, they should be able to help you figure out whether you’re in a position to save here.

To move to a new home, you, of course, have to buy one first. Contact us today to schedule a visit to one of our developments.