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Aug 25

New Homes For Buyers Who Love Vintage Industrial or Urban Chic

If you love urban chic and vintage industrial styles or consider yourself a “modern minimalist,” you may want to check out urban infill projects in Milpitas, San Jose and Silver Lake, California. New home construction offers home buyers a blank slate so they can define space and express their style with sleek furnishings and décor items.

  • Choose a floor plan

After touring new homes, you will want to select a floor plan that has the square footage and number of rooms you need for your furniture. Also, consider whether you want a deck or porch for outdoor living space and entertaining.

  • Go shopping for furniture and décor

After people find their new homes, the fun has just begun. They now get to go shopping for décor items. If you have an eclectic mix of home furnishings, you may want to shop for re-purposed painted furniture and vintage accessories. Some items you might need include mirrors, rugs and pillows.

  • Consider your lighting options

Although natural light is always ideal, it’s important to have well-lit area for cooking, reading and working. Lighting can also make a fashion statement. Some popular lighting seen in new homes in urban areas include industrial chandeliers. You may be able to find chandeliers made with reclaimed wood with decorative Edison bulbs and hardware in antique gold or silver.

  • Hang wall art

Hanging wall art is another exciting part of becoming a new home owner in an urban area. Some people like to feature urban photography, while others prefer contemporary urban abstract paintings.

Decades ago, the idea of “modern” was synonymous with uncomfortable. Today’s modern style can be extremely comfortable with the use of organic and natural fabrics in upholstered chairs and sofas.

If you are considering buying new in Milpitas, San Jose and Silver Lake, California, Trumark Homes can show you a variety of new homes that fit your unique style. For more information, contact us.

Aug 18

Real estate market news for the ‘Subprime Generation’

Young people in their early 30’s are jumping back onto the real estate bandwagon, but they are savvier buyers today because of the housing collapse. Experts are calling them the “Subprime Generation,” because many of them had their first taste of home ownership during the housing crisis.

When real estate market news reporters say Millennials are holding back the real estate market, they aren’t telling the whole story. Younger Millennials may be held back by high student loan debt or lower wages, but older Millennials often have more established jobs. They were simply beaten down by the housing collapse. As home owners regain equity or rebuild their credit after a foreclosure, they can step into even nicer homes than they had prior to the nightmare at the corner of Wall and Elm streets.

According to a report by Real Estate Economy Watch, young people born between 1978 and 1982 had the lowest home ownership rate in 2012. However, just 5 years earlier, people in the Subprime Generation had the highest home ownership rate in history for the 25-to-29 age group. People in their early 30s are the oldest of the Millennials. They were as much burned by the housing collapse as their slightly older Generation X peers.

  • Lowering housing costs

Experts are now expecting a turnaround as higher rental prices squeeze young professionals. Throughout the country and in California, rental prices continue to go up. According to new data from TransUnion cited by a recent article by REwired, the average rental prices rose from $1,034 from in the third quarter of 2012 to $1,072 or almost 4 percent one year later. Of course, in states such as California and New York, rental costs are considerably higher.

  • Flipping over new construction

Young buyers don’t want to settle. They may have had bad experiences trying to fix and flip homes. For young step-up buyers in Milpitas, San Jose and Silver Lake, California, there are a lot of new home construction options that fit their higher design standards. Young step-up home buyers like being able to choose design options such as flooring, cabinets and fixtures without the headaches that come with foreclosures and short sales.

For more real estate market news and information on Trumark Homes, contact us. We have floor plans and design options for buyers with refined tastes and a concern for the environment.

Aug 11

Building resale confidence as a first-time California homebuyer

Buying First Home

Before they even sign on the proverbial dotted line, some first-time homebuyer are already worried about the resale value of their new homes. Most everyone wants to buy a home for their family to enjoy. But at the back of the mind, it’s only natural to wonder whether the home will appeal to the next house hunters.

It’s a fact that we live in a more transient world. And, there’s nothing wrong with buying a California home that you can appreciate for its aesthetic value while it also appreciates in monetary value. According to an article by USA Today, there are certain desirable features that are worth the higher cost for a typical homebuyer.

Homes that are newer: According to a USA Today report, homebuyers are more willing to spend money on a home that is less than 5 years old. If you have a job transfer that requires you move after three or four years, it’s highly likely your new construction home will still sell at a premium. The key is to keep it as clean and neat as it was when you purchased it.

Culinary retreats: Homebuyers pay about $1,850 extra for kitchens that come with stainless steel appliances, according to the report. Twenty-three percent of people ages 35 to 54 said stainless steel appliances are “very important.” In general, kitchen upgrades often pay off in terms of resale value. Fifty-five percent of homebuyers were willing to pay more for granite countertops.

Although homebuyers might not think about it consciously, they may be drawn to townhome units, condos or houses that have spectacular views and space for outdoor living. Choosing homes with decks, porches and balconies can help with the resale value.

If you are looking to buy a new home in Milpitas, San Jose and Silver Lake California, contact us here at Trumark Homes. We can help put your mind at ease about resale values and answer other questions you might have as a first-time homebuyer.

Aug 07

SL70 Is Now Open—New Modern Homes in Silver Lake

Make way for SL70. A unique new home community has hit the Silver Lake scene, and it waits for no one. Unchained by inhibition and fueled by originality, this enclave of modern new homes is a statement in its own right. Visit today to tour the new model homes and live as you will. Be first—don’t follow—atSL70.

SL70 5
Think eclectic, electric and exciting. In the thick of a life that’s passionate, authentic and free of convention, SL70 sounds the anthem to forge your own course. And it’s these 70 new, single-family homes that lead the movement. Modern indoor and outdoor spaces span three or more floors, offering up to 1,796 square feet of uninhibited possibilities, two or more bedrooms and two-and-one-half baths, with rooftop terraces on select homes. This is design-centric living from the inside out, and it’s the kind of style that rouses your need to follow your own path. Priced from $599,000 to $689,000.

Separated from the crowd yet a crowd all its own, SL70 is where features to be reckoned with echo your individuality and match your passion. Premium kitchen appliances, quartz countertops and contemporary cabinetry make for a culinary retreat, while the luxurious master suite breaks new ground with cultured marble countertops, European cabinetry and distinctive fixtures. And with no HOA dues you can live by your own means with more savings.

Genuine living starts here in Silver Lake, where local finds are not only accessible but also walkable. All manner of restaurants, shops, nature and personalities stage the scene and drive the discussion to keep life edging forward.

You’ll find SL70 at 2220 Duane Street, Los Angeles, CA 90039. Open Friday through Tuesday from 10am to 6pm, closed Wednesday and Thursday. Be seen at the sales office and call Jason Kitchens at (323) 388-8782 or visit the website at for details.


Aug 04

Millennial debate: Should I buy a home right now?

Some Millennials love their apartments or living rent-free at “La Maison of Mom and Dad,” but experts predict young people will lead a new housing boom.

For people contemplating whether or not to buy or rent in Milpitas, San Jose and Silver Lake, California, it’s becoming clear that owning is a better investment at this time. The question, “Should I buy a home right now?” isn’t just about your personal situation, but about the overall housing market trends.

  • Getting in at the beginning

No one wants to be the last person to buy in a housing boom just like no one wants to buy stocks at the top of a bull stock market. Typically, people who buy early in a housing boom lock in at lower new construction  prices. They often realize positive home equity in a short amount of time.

  • Buying into the right community

According to a recent article by CNN Money, the improving job market and pent-up demand for housing coming from people in their 20s and 30s could lead to the next housing boom. A recent study by Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies cited by CNN Money shows that Millennials could form 24 million new households by 2025. It’s important to buy into a popular community with entertainment and easy access to shopping and work.

  • Enjoying historically low rates

Another reason young people can feel good about buying a home now is because of the low mortgage rates that will likely go up. Interest rates have been low for so long that many Millennials take them for granted. Their grandparents can tell them about what it was like to have double-digit mortgage rates.

If you are looking to buy a home contact us at Trumark Homes.  We will partner with you through the home-buying process and offer assistance even after you have moved in.