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Jul 28

Dream Homes in the Beautiful Bay Area: New Stylish, Savvy Builds in Milpitas, California

Once you have taken in the rolling hills, lush vineyards, booming software and tech industry, striking landmark destinations, and rich history, it becomes apparent that the Bay Area in Northern California is truly a remarkable place. Have you found yourself with the privilege of being able to call yourself a resident and are looking for the right home for you and your family? Discover two stunning communities now available to you by exploring these new homes in Milpitas, California.

The city of Milpitas presents itself as a viable, enjoyable option for a wide range of buyers. Our two communities Velocity at Pace and Momentum at Pace offer a most desirable location within blocks of fabulous shopping, popular restaurants, and is ideal for any commute with convenient access to the expressway and highways. If you have the aspiration of purchasing a new single family, detached home and have been discouraged by the market, don’t be deterred. Trumark Homes has a range of available floor plans and options that offer varying price points. You can find the space you need and desire for quality family time, entertaining quests, and so much more. That won’t mean that you will have to skimp on the details. Our liveable floor plans feature master suites, walk-in closets, luxury bathrooms, and gourmet kitchens with i slands, granite slab countertops, maple cabinets with brush nickel hardware, and premium stainless steel appliances.

Milpitas offers culture, conveniences, and proximity to many other lush urban locales. It is an ideal location for any Bay Area resident. Whether you are a first time home buyer, or are looking for more space or style, let one of our new homes grow with you and your family.

Please contact us with any questions you may have, or inquries on how we can help in your search for a new home. Stay tuned for our new communities available soon in Newark, CA!

Jul 24

Silicon Valley Business Journal “BART boom: Housing set for key site across from Milpitas station”

Nathan Donato-Weinstein

Real Estate Reporter-Silicon Valley Business Journal

Citation Homes has tied up a key residential site directly across from the under-construction Milpitas BART station campus where it plans to build a dense mixed-use project.

Citation in recent weeks submitted plans to build 381 units on the 5.6-acre site, located at 737 Montague Expressway, next door to where it’s already putting up a large housing project.

The site’s destiny was being closely watched because it is within spitting distance to the transit station, the first extension of BART into Santa Clara County slated to open by 2018. Planners and urban advocates are keen to see intense development near the station stops, including one in San Jose’s Berryessa area.

The site, currently a recycling center, is so close to the BART station, the city hopes to build a pedestrian bridge across Montague, linking the residential community to the BART stop.

“That’s what’s exciting for us,” said Sheldon AhSing, senior planner for the city.

Residential developers have been snapping up industrial sites around the stop — which itself is next to Simon Properties’ huge Great Mall shopping juggernaut — after the city implemented a new planning district that encouraged high-density housing five years ago. So far, 3,700 new housing units have been approved. The plan allows for some 7,000 units in the area.

Density of both office and residential is considered key for making transit stops effective. At roughly 68 units to the acre, the Citation proposal comes in at the high end of Milpitas’s planning guidelines. It will be built as a five-story “wrap”-style residential building, where the units wrap around a parking structure. About 5,000 square feet of retail will face Piper Drive and Montague Expressway.

Citation is no stranger to the submarket. It is in the early construction of a 732-unit project adjacent to its new development.

It is not alone. Warmington Homes just received approval to build 206 attached housing units on a 12.5-acre site nearby. Also, Trumark Homes started construction this month on 134 units on 8 acres.

A representative of Citation Homes did not return a call by Wednesday afternoon.


Jul 21

Why you should find a new home in a vibrant urban area

Young home buyers today aren’t easily sold on the suburbs, according to a recent study by Nielsen. Many Millennials prefer to find a new home in the city. They choose bicycle racks over driveways.

The Nielsen survey revealed that 62 percent of Millennials ages 18-36 prefer to live in urban areas so they can be close to shopping, dining out and work. Millennials make up 24 percent of the population in the U.S.

The new ‘American Dream’

Millennials appear to be gravitating to California cities. In fact, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Fransisco made the Top 10 housing markets for Millennials while no California city made the Top 10 list for baby boomers. The new American Dream is to own a beautiful home in a walkable neighborhood while reducing your carbon footprint.

A ‘Great Migration’ back to cities

Young people are responsible for the resurgence of the city after the the “Great Migration” from the city to suburbs after World War II left behind the downtown ghost town. They can feel good about supporting urban infill projects that revitalize the community by giving the city added character and much-needed amenities.

Instead of rehabbing older homes, smart young buyers often choose new homes that are energy-efficient and part of urban infill projects. After choosing the best location for you, the next step is to tour models and find the right layout for you.

For young people searching for an urban infill project in Milpitas, San Jose and Silver Lake, California, Trumark Homes can help you find a new homethat meets your individual needs. For more information contact us.

Jul 14

New home floor plans for young families accomodate change

Most young home buyers plan to stay in their new home for at least 5 years. Sometimes people get so attached to their family homes and the memories they have made that they wish they hadn’t outgrown the space.

Fortunately, new home floor plans for young families can meet current needs as well as adapt with a changing needs as the family evolves. According to a recent National Association of Realtors report on homebuyer and seller generational trends, 14 percent of all buyers studied purchased a multi-generational home.

When purchasing a new home, it’s important to think about how the floor plan can meet needs now and in the future. Multi-generational homes are defined as one in which the household is made up of adult children over the age of 18, and/or grandparents residing in the house.

Trumark Homes has many new home floor plans for young families searching for walkable upscale neighborhoods in Milpitas, San Jose and Silver Lake, California. Young buyers can find adaptable townhomes that suit their different stages of life.

  • Making the best use of the first floor

Homebuyers have some flexibility when buying townhomes. They often have the choice to choose either a den and a bedroom on the lower level or an over-sized bedroom. For people work out of the home, a den might better suit their needs. An over-sized bedroom would be ideal on the first floor would be ideal as an in-law suite for elderly relatives.

  • Envisioning outdoor space to entertain

When choosing a floor plan, think about where you would like to entertain the children and guests. Outdoor space is extremely important, which is why it’s nice to have a deck, porch and rooftop terrace.

  • Having several family rooms

Another important part of a floor plan is space that can be used for television, play rooms and indoor recreation. Some floor plans come with optional family rooms or retreats. Most families desire separate bedrooms for each child, but it’s also important to designate space for different kinds of activities such as media time as well as quiet space for reading and painting.

Contact us or visit us at our stunning model homes this weekend for more information about choosing the best floor plan for your family.

Jul 07

Should I Buy a New Home or a Used One? New Homes Save You Money in the Long-Term.

Should I buy a new home or a used one? This is a question every home buyer must decide. If a new home is in your price range, there are many advantages to purchasing a new home over a used home:

Energy Efficiency: New homes come with vinyl-framed efficient glass windows, superior insulation, energy efficient lighting, radiant barrier roof sheathing, Energy Star Appliances, and efficient HVAC. The electrical wiring and the plumbing will always be modern and up-to-code. The house will not be wasting energy with leaky door seals and window seals.

No Repairs: Moving into a used home is always a work in progress. Sellers do not usually make repairs on homes that they are selling; they would rather reduce the price than invest the money in a house they are selling. Repairs may include only cosmetic details such a paint and carpet, if you are lucky. They likely will include major repairs like plumbing, wiring, or roofing, if not immediately, then soon. There are always surprises that come with a used home, and they are rarely the “find a hidden treasure in the attic” type of surprise.

Modern Conveniences: A new home will have the upgrades built in that you will dream of doing to a used home. A tankless water heater, recessed lighting, stylish rocker switches, and contemporary cabinetry and plumbing fixtures are just some of the details included in new home construction. Larger kitchens and bathrooms are common in new home construction. New homes typically have high ceilings in the living area and have an open and airy feel to them.

Financial Incentives: There are often financial incentives to buying new homes. There may be rebates available through the homebuilder or the mortgage company. Homeowner’s insurance is easier to get on a new home, and often does not require an inspection. You may pay more up front to purchase a new home, but you will save money in the long-term because you will not be spending money on repairs for many years. New homes come with warranties, usually for one year from purchase.

Contact us here at Trumark Homes and let us show you why buying a new home from us is the right decision for you.