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May 26

New Home Floor Plans for Young Families: Choosing the Right One For You

Selecting the layout of your new home is one of the most important decisions you will make.  Although you can change wall colors and even the kitchen countertop in the future, it is difficult to change your floor plan.  When determining which floor plan is best you need to consider your lifestyle, your current family situation and what you anticipate in the future.  Here are some suggestions for options to think about when determining a new home floor plan for your young family.

How Many Bedrooms?

If you are a young family you may decide you want to add to your family in the future.  The number of bedrooms you need now may not be enough in the long term.  Consider a layout that allows you to use a room as a playroom, exercise room, or bonus room now but can eventually be turned into an additional bedroom in the future.

Bedroom Location

Your lifestyle will influence your bedroom location preference.  Do you like to have the living area and your bedroom on the same floor?  Would you prefer to have your bedrooms on a separate floor from your living area?  As a young family you may want your master bedroom near your children’s bedrooms.  As your family grows you may prefer to have the teenage bedrooms not as close.  A layout that includes a bonus room on a different floor that can be converted into a bedroom at a later date may be desirable to spread family members out.

Living Area Preferences

Most families prefer to have a Great Room instead of having separate living room and family room areas as was popular in the past.  Great Rooms allow the family to spend time together and provide plenty of space for everyone.  Look for a layout that offers a Great Room for your family to gather in.

Bathrooms and Closets

Many years ago families would have one shared bathroom and only limited closets.  Newly built homes today offer 2 or even 3 bathrooms and multiple closets for storage space.  Look for walk in closets especially in the master bedroom.  A floor plan that includes bathrooms on every floor is often desirable especially for families with young kids.

When selecting a floor plan for your young family it is important to consider what is livable now and in the future.  Contact us to learn about the floor plans Trumark Homes offers in San Jose, Milpitas, and Silver Lake.  We believe we have a nice variety of exciting home floor plans to meet the needs of your family.

May 19

Should I buy a home or rent an apartment/home? Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making a Decision

Many people come to a point in their life when they question whether they should buy a home or rent an apartment. Figuring out which is best for your particular situation can be a difficult one. For many people the dream of home ownership outweighs the logistical and rational pros and cons of each option. Before you head into the world of home ownership you should ask yourself these three questions.

How long do I see myself living in this area?

This is an important question to ask when deciding whether to buy or rent. The longer you stay in the area, the more likely you are to make money when you invest in buying a home when and if you do finally sell it. If you are in a career path that may have you moving away within a year or two, buying a home probably isn’t in your best interest. When you attempt to sell a home shortly after buying it, it is much more difficult to make a return on your investment, or even break even. If you do plan on putting down roots in your area for an extended period of time, buying a home can and often does yield a solid return on your investment.

Can you afford to maintain a home?

Sure, you can easily figure out whether or not you can swing a mortgage payment, but many people find themselves “house poor” when they have to maintain a home. When you buy a house, you are responsible for all of the maintenance and upkeep of that home. If you can’t afford to replace an HVAC system, or to change windows when they need changing, you probably aren’t ready to buy a home just yet. It is important to have liquid money, or a credit line available to cover maintenance before you head into home ownership.

Do you have free time to dedicate to a home?

When you live in an apartment you don’t need to work in regular maintenance, you simply need to come home, sit down, and enjoy your space. When you own a home,you’ll need extra time for routine maintenance and projects. After all, the lawn does not mow itself, and the snow doesn’t clear itself either. If you have free time in your weekends to dedicated to routine home care, then buying is probably a good idea for you, but if you are super busy, and would rather leave those chores up to other people renting is likely your best option. If you are set on the idea of home ownership, but you are “time poor”, a co-op or townhouse might be a good option to look into. Co-ops and townhouses generally will afford you the investment of home ownership, without requiring your personal time to maintain the space.

After answering these questions have you decided that home ownership is for you? If so contact us about finding the perfect home.

May 17

San Francisco Business Times “Most new San Francisco apartments can’t convert to condos”

J.K. Dineen

Reporter-San Francisco Business Times

Could San Francisco’s swing from condos to apartments swing back just as quickly? Not likely: Just 10 percent of the 8,000 apartments to be completed in the next three years are candidates for conversion, according to Polaris Pacific.

Of the 35 projects in the pipeline, just seven have a chance of converting to condominiums, it found. The vast majority do not, either because they are owned by a real estate investment trust or because they are financed by a fund specifically earmarked for rental housing.

Exceptions include Crescent Heights’ 320-unit 45 Lansing St. and Principal Real Estate Investors’ tower at One Rincon Hill. Other projects that could go condo include 333 Fremont St., 973 Market St. and 72 Townsend St. There are also five condo projects under construction. These include: Marlowe, Oyster Development’s 98-unit development at 1800 Van Ness; Linea, a 115-unit development at 1998 Market St.; and Pocket Development’s 300 Ivy St.

Chris Foley, a principal with Polaris Pacific, said apartments are fetching such high rents that it doesn’t make sense to convert them.

“You are not going to see many conversions, but you will see a balancing of inventory going forward,” said Foley.

Architect Glenn Rescalvo of Handel Architects, who is designing Crescent Heights’ Mid-Market project, said there is no difference in quality between the apartments and condos.

“There is not one rental building where the infrastructure is mediocre. They are all as good as any condo building we have done,” he said. “If you are going to pay that much up front, it doesn’t make sense to cut corners.”

Other developers are collecting sites to be ready for the next condo cycle. Trumark Urban has acquired six sites around the city and plans to build for-sale units on all of them.

“The shift back to condos is almost ready to start,” said Oz Erickson of the Emerald Fund, which develops both apartments and condos. “Selected projects with very strong sponsors are doing it. I will bet you One Rincon goes condo — even though it is being built for apartments.”


May 14

Trumark Homes, Inc. Presents at The 3rd Annual Real Estate General Counsels Forum (West), May-05-2014 02:20 PM

Trumark Homes, Inc. Key Developments

Trumark Homes, Inc. Presents at The 3rd Annual Real Estate General Counsels Forum (West), May-05-2014 02:20 PM

Trumark Homes, Inc. Presents at The 3rd Annual Real Estate General Counsels Forum (West), May-05-2014 02:20 PM. Venue: Fairmont Newport Beach, Newport Beach, California, United States. Speakers: Jason Kliewer, Partner, General Counsel and Director.

Company Overview

Trumark Homes, Inc. is a homebuilding company in California. It engages in developing and building townhomes, cluster/courtyard style homes, single family detached homes, and single-family attached cluster homes. The company was founded in 2008 and is based in Danville, California. Trumark Homes, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Trumark Companies, LLC.

4185 Blackhawk Plaza Circle

Suite 200

Danville, CA 94506

United States

Founded in 2008





May 13

Trumark Homes to Build 164 Units in Two Communities Located in Newark

Top California Homebuilder to Build 84 Single-Family Homes and 80 Townhomes in Newark’s First New Development in More Than 10 Years

Trumark Homes - Timber Rendering

NEWARK, Calif. – May 13, 2014 – Trumark Homes, a new generation homebuilder, recently closed on its fourth acquisition near the Silicon Valley, an 11.98-acre, 164-unit residential development project located on Timber Street and Cedar Boulevard in Newark, Calif. The project’s total value is $115 million. Trumark Homes broke ground on the project in May- the first new development in Newark in more than a decade.

The new neighborhood will provide a combination of medium-density single-family detached homes and higher-density multifamily townhomes for sale within a short distance of the Dumberton Bridge, AC Transit and the Dumbarton Express.

“This project is located in a great central Bay Area location with access to BART, bridges and freeways, allowing residents to work in San Francisco, Oakland, East Bay, Peninsula, Silicon Valley and San Jose,” said Christopher Davenport, senior vice president of land development for Trumark Homes. “The city has encouraged this property to be converted from an old RV storage parking lot to something better. This strip of land is adjacent to the freeway and will provide a much better window into Newark and will improve that section of Cedar Boulevard as well.”

Trumark will make additional off-site improvements—including a new median in Cedar Boulevard and a new sound wall for approximately 20 homes on the opposite side of Cedar Boulevard—that will further improve the area’s aesthetics.

The 164 residences will include 84 three-story detached single-family homes averaging 2,200 square feet and 80 two- and three-story attached townhomes. Six different floor plans are proposed, ranging in size from three-bed, three-bath with 1,573 square feet to four-bed, three-and-a-half-bath with 2,379 square feet.

Residents will be a short distance from many other local shopping and amenities including Costco, Walmart, and Kohl’s. The city of Newark offers more than 13 parks and sport play facilities, including the George M. Sillman Community Activity and Family Aquatic Center, and op schools, including Milani & Bunker Elementary, Newark Junior High and Newark Memorial High School.

“The City of Newark has been very helpful and accommodating with this project, and they’ve supported this development from day one,” Davenport said.

Broker Steve Tao of Mason McDuffie Commercial represented the seller, Emmett Family Limited Partnership. The project’s architect is KTGY Group.


About The Trumark Group of Companies

The Trumark Group of Companies is a diversified real estate developer and builder with expertise in land acquisition, homebuilding, community design, entitlements and office, R&D and retail development. Trumark has raised more than $340 million of equity and funded 24 deals since the depth of the recession in 2009.

Trumark Homes is a new generation homebuilder that is nimble, focused and unburdened by broken projects of the past. Its pipeline exceeds 4,400 lots in core in-fill areas of California, representing more than $2.8 billion in future revenue.

Trumark Urban develops condos in core urban neighborhoods close to jobs, transit and local businesses. Since making the strategic decision to focus on San Francisco in 2011, the new division has acquired seven sites in San Francisco for high-density condominium communities with plans in the works for more than 600 units with total projected revenue in excess of $700

Trumark Commercial, which builds, leases and sells commercial buildings, has entitled or developed approximately two million square feet of office, R&D, retail and hotel properties in the northern portion of the Golden State.