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Nov 04

Meet the Trumark Team: Garrett Hinds

Dirt bikes and mud races… that’s what Trumark’s architect likes to do in his spare time. Bet his wife Dianna enjoys doing all that laundry! Read on to see what else you don’t know about Garrett Hinds.

Name: Garrett Hinds

Title/Position: Director of Architecture

Office Name/Location: Trumark Danville

Fantasy career: Third base for the SF Giants

Favorite ethnic cuisine: Mexican (Tony’s Jacal, Solana Beach)

Most exotic travel experience: Moracco

A perfect day in would be: napa with Dianna

What you like most about your work: Puzzles to be solved all day, every day: Architecture, Site Planning, City Politics and Codes

Favorite weekend activity: coaching and watching my boys play football, baseball

Next travel destination: Italy

What’s next for you: another Tough Mudder

Favorite possession: my dirt bikes