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Dec 17

Meet the Trumark Team: Angela Schmidt

Name: Angela Schmidt
Title/Position: Escrow Manager
Office Name/Location: Newport Beach, CA

Fantasy career: Real Estate Lawyer

Favorite ethnic cuisine: Italian

Most exotic travel experience: Traveling throughout Scotland

Starbucks order: Who needs Starbucks when we have our amazing coffee/espresso machine!

A perfect day in would be: sadly, spent sleeping. I have a toddler that doesn’t know the meaning, therefore mine is very limited.

What you like most about your work: Every day requires the use of a different hat.

Favorite weekend activity: Depends on the season. Summer…going to the beach. Winter…staying in our pajamas!

Worst subject in high school: English

What inspires you? Truth. Love. Commitment

Most productive time of day: Mid-morning

Reality show you’re embarrassed to admit you watch: Real Housewives of Orange County

Person you’d like to have dinner with: Dave Matthews

Your first job: Chef at Pizza Hut

What you’re most proud of: My two boys

A business tool you can’t live without: Outlook

Next travel destination: Fort Collins, Colorado

A bad habit: Interrupting people when they’re talking

Words you live by: Everything happens for a reason

First thing you do when you get to the office: Check email

Last thing you do before you leave your office: Say “goodnight”

Your favorite guilty pleasure: Anything covered in chocolate

Dec 03

Ask Our CEO: What design features are builders incorporating into their designs?

Michael Maples
Principal and CEO
Trumark Homes

In general, homebuyers today are looking for smaller, better designed homes that match how they live now – which is clearly different than how they were living even a year ago.

For example, the formal living room is going out the door. This is an idea that has been kicked around in focus groups for years, but in 2010 we are seeing new model homes Southern California with expansive “great rooms” where the kitchen opens up to the dining room and there is no separate living room.

This open floor plan appeals to home buyers who enjoy entertaining guests at home; another trend impacted by the economy. Instead of expensive dinners out, more homeowners are inviting friends and family in, creating demand for living spaces that support that lifestyle.

Homebuyers want to make full use of their living space both inside and outside. “Conservatories” are indoor spaces, usually off the kitchen or family room, with floor-to-ceiling windows that create an indoor-outdoor space. Also popular are “California Rooms” a backyard or outdoor area converted into a open-air living space with enhancements such as kitchens, fire places or pit, couches and curtains, televisions and, in some cases, a place to sleep outdoors, so that homeowners can enjoy as much of their property as possible.

Dec 01

Who’s Who in Home Building 2011 – Michael Maples

Builder and Developer