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Nov 30

Trumark preps 5 condo projects

SF Business Times

Nov 30

Trumark Homes hires David Prolo as senior vice president of operations

OC Register

Nov 26

Build for the Boomers (and Their Echo)

Bisnow - Real Estate

Nov 26

Homebuying Tips: Most common mistakes when preparing for a move

Moving from home to home requires an extensive amount of preparation and attention to detail as there are so many minor and major things to consider, everything from moving dates and logistics to budgeting for packing materials. Relieve yourself of stress and headaches by having a detailed plan in place — Trulia via shares the most common mistakes when preparing for move: [READ MORE…]

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Nov 19

Meet the Team: Gregg Nelson

Name: Gregg Nelson
Title/Position: Principal
Office Name/Location: Danville

  • Fantasy career: I’m doing it!
  • Favorite ethnic cuisine: Mexican food
  • Most exotic travel experience: Northern European cruise stopping in Russia, Estonia and a few Scandinavian countries
  • Starbucks order: Grande Cappuccino, extra hot
  • Most played song on iPod: “Move” by Mercy Me
  • A perfect day in would be: A good book and a fireplace
  • Best advice you ever received: “you can do anything you set your mind to”
  • Your secret talent: Singing
  • What you like most about your work: Doing deals!
  • Favorite weekend activity: A weekend getaway with my wife
  • Worst subject in high school: Science
  • What inspires you? Dreams of how things could be
  • Most productive time of day: Mid-morning
  • Reality show you’re embarrassed to admit you watch: I don’t really like (or watch) “reality” TV!
  • Person you’d like to have dinner with: Bono
  • Your first job: Selling lemons door-to-door in the neighborhood
  • What you’re most proud of: (and humbled by!) 30 years of marriage
  • A business tool you can’t live without: Computer
  • Next travel destination: Napa
  • What’s next for you: Enjoying the ”Empty Nest”!
  • A bad habit: Interrupting in a conversation
  • Favorite possession: iPad
  • What book is on your nightstand now? “The Exile” by Andrew Britton and “The Reason for God” by Tim Keller
  • A job you’d want if you weren’t doing this job: Venture Capital
  • Words you live by: Proverbs 3:5&6
  • First thing you do when you get to the office: Read and reflect
  • Last thing you do before you leave your office: Try to pair-down my unread emails
  • Your favorite guilty pleasure: Popcorn with extra butter