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Dec 21

No Plugs! Sold Means Sold. It’s A Trumark Policy.

At a Trumark community, what you see is what it is! You will never find a “plug” on the community’s topography table.

There is a little, dirty secret in the new home sales world called “plugs.” It happens in the sales offices. It is the practice of placing a “sold” or “reservation” button over a lot on the neighborhood topography table even though the home is not sold or reserved. We think the idea is to give the impression that “the neighborhood is selling well, so you better not delay your buying decision.”

However, it does feel inauthentic to us. It seems to blur the lines of trust in the relationship. At Trumark, we desire to have a relationship of trust, transparency and authenticity with you – the homebuyer.
Sold means sold. No plugs allowed. This is our promise to you, the home shopper.SOLD Buttons at Trumark's High Lights Neighborhood