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Jan 28

Trumark Homes’ First New Community Opening

…January 23

0001What a crazy week!  Our first models as a ‘new’ home building company are opening to a VIP select group today at Wyeth Cove and Southern California has blessed (ok, blasted) us with record rain fall, flooding and high winds all week.  We have our good weather plan, our dizzily day plan and our “I can’t believe it won’t stop raining plan.”  So we have sunscreen, umbrellas and small row boats all lined up.

Our team has been amazing.  All our trade partners have lived up to our new tradition of “Blending the efficiencies of today’s technology with the honor of old-world craftsmanship.”  The result?  We beat the schedule by two weeks and were able to get the furniture in and the landscaping finished before the rain even started.  Thanks team!

So, as the Wyeth Cove models open I find myself full of HOPE and full of FEAR.

The FEARS . . .

*What if the record rain storms don’t stop?

*What if no one comes?

*What if people spill food all over the new models?

*What if no one sees and appreciates all the extras we have included?

The HOPES . . .

*That people will see the little things that we care so much about like lights in the stair well and recessed thermostats and even carefully placed plugs.

*That the open floor plans will resonate with future home buyers as much as they do with us.

*That the expensive pavers in the courtyards (which they won’t find elsewhere) will be appreciated.

*That the place to gather (our Traditions Park) will be seen as an extension of their living space.

I guess we’ll know in three hours when we open the doors.

Wyeth Cove's Model Homes

Wyeth Cove's Model Homes

UPDATE:  I just got back from our VIP event and our list of hopes won out.  There were far more people than we expected and the comments were amazing.  The rain stopped and the partially cloudy sky allowed peeks of the snow covered mountains from our Traditions Park.  Marty, Marianne and I were very satisfied by two conversations we overheard.  One was a wife telling her husband, “I love the little lights in the stairs.”  And the other was a husband telling his wife to look at the stone pavers in the courtyard.  She said, “Oh that is just for the models.” And he replied, “No, I think they are included.”

. . . They are.

Well, this weekend we have the public grand opening and we go to sale on Saturday, February 6th.  Thanks for following us.