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Apr 17

8 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day from Home

Our home is our source for protection, comfort and supply. To honor this source, we celebrate Earth Day and acknowledge our part in all of the inner workings of the planet, our greater home. What Can You Do at Home to Honor Earth Day? When asking yourself, “What is my part?” the letter “R” can…

Apr 12

5 Family-Friendly Activities in Chino Hills

What’s all the fuss about Chino Hills, you might ask? Aside from the upcoming grand opening for our new community, Bristol, Chino Hills has a wide variety of family friendly activities to offer. Whether you’re interested in giving your children a great place to play, or introducing kids to new creatures, you’ll find something for…

Apr 05

Virtual Reality Leading to Change

The use of virtual reality (VR) is quickly becoming a trend in the world of real estate as companies are gradually getting a feel for the power of this technology. A few developers are already utilizing VR as a way to entice potential buyers and to expand the consumer experience when shopping for a new…

Mar 29

Green Living: Three House Plants to Seed this Spring

With a long, cold winter behind us and spring in the air, it’s time to look forward to the new budding blossoms that will be filling our gardens and homes. Here are three in particular that are not only good to add to your home décor,  but can really make an impact on your overall…

Mar 20

Spring Equinox: A Time for Balance

Today is the Spring Equinox, when the sun is directly over the equator and thus for the whole world, day and night are (roughly) equal. In the Northern Hemisphere, the weather is finally getting warmer after a long, cold winter, making Spring Equinox a perfect time to restore some balance in your home and in…