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Sep 26

Your Next Coffee Date in Chino Hills

Starbucks may have created the idea of a third space — a place to gather that is neither home nor office, but that doesn’t mean your coffee shop experience should always be predictable and manufactured. Whether you’re an extrovert meeting friends or a bookworm seeking rainy day refuge, we crave the comfort of a reliable neighborhood coffee shop. A suburb like Chino Hills provides a platform to find and enjoy artisanal coffee shops with a hometown flare.

If you’re looking to please a large range of coffee drinkers or desire a wider selection of brews, check out Dripp Coffee in Chino Hills. From matcha affogatos and house-made horchata and coffee blends to traditional Turkish coffee and handmade ice cream sandwiches, this location offers options for coffee drinkers and sweet addicts alike. It isn’t the typical “coffee shop” experience, but it brings a new vibrancy to the cafe atmosphere.

Rendez- Vous Cafe in Chino Hills is changing the cafe game with its own spin on caffeine “Happy Hour.” With notes of French influence (and killer French pastries!), this storefront offers amazing brunch options in addition to Instagram-worthy lattes. Check out these croissants as proof of why this spot is among our favorites. The buy-one-get-one free “happy hour” may get you in the door, but the unique, upbeat vibe and personable staff will keep you coming back.

And for the coffee shop purist, there’s Canabru Coffee House. The short menu (no more than 10 items) proves dedication to the drip. We recommend sticking with what you know at a place like this, maybe only experimenting with a cappuccino or latte. The white decor of the shop is calming and ideal for those coffee drinkers looking to relax, cup of joe in hand.