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Aug 10

Inspiring DIY Ideas for Back-to-School Season

The beginning of a new school year is always an exciting time, but sometimes even the quintessential back-to-school supply shopping can get old. You sift through aisle after aisle of the same notebooks and pencils you’ve seen a million times before, feeling uninspired and reluctant to creatively tackle another year. However, getting crafty with some simple DIYs will revamp your supplies and school year alike.

Meet Your New BFF: Washi Tape

When Staples and Office Max’s unoriginal designs let you down, meet your new best friend. Washi tape is a cheap and easy way to customize anything from phone chargers and phone cases to pencils and notebooks. Enjoy the process of picking out your favorite washi tape designs and incorporating them into your school supplies for a personal touch!

Now Meet Your Other BFF: Duct Tape

If washi tape isn’t for you, classic household duct tape can also be used as an ideal DIY tool. Some students and parents prefer duct tape because of its accessibility – often other specialty design tapes can only be purchased at craft stores, while duct tape can typically be found at the local drugstore. There are so many options when it comes to duct tape; check out this fabulous  matching clipboard and pen set. It is also a great school supply to have on hand for the new year – whether something breaks, you need to hang posters, or anything in between!

Get Jazzy with Pipecleaners

Say the word “pipecleaners” and many students immediately think of kindergarten arts and crafts – but these fun accessories extend far beyond the world of Elmer’s glue and googlie eyes. In fact, they open up a world of creative school supply ideas from chic notebooks like this fuzzy design for middle schoolers and teens to kid’s fun and sparkly pencil ornaments.

Look Forward to the Lunch Bell

Get excited to show off a revamped lunch box this school year. Consider painting the inside with chalkboard paint to reveal personal messages, to do lists, or drawings. Maybe even print out miniature photos of friends and family and secure them with the already-purchased washi or duct tape from the crafts above. Getting original with a DIY lunchbox will help you get excited to pack lunches as well, keeping you on track and healthy for the new year ahead.

Aug 02

Curating Your Ideal Workspace

As modern technology and the age of social media continues to develop, more and more individuals find themselves working from home. Abandoning an office space may seem like a theoretical dream come true, but not being able to clearly and cleanly separate work from home can make mental and physical organization tricky. You don’t need to undertake a costly remodeling project to thoughtfully redesign your workspace. Just a few simple adjustments will make all the difference in curating a productive ambiance.

Natural Light

We as humans are designed for natural light, and being exposed to that sort of lighting during working hours will produce the best results in terms of both happiness and productivity. When designing your space, position your desk to face the window and soak up the sunlight.

Thoughtful Uses of Color

Evidence suggests that certain colors have the potential to increase our moods and productivity. While most modern decor trends lean towards a minimalistic palette of grey and white, consider incorporating pops of color that reflect your workspace goals. Blue hues help to calm and soothe, while green yields balance after long hours and yellow boosts creativity. Don’t go crazy and try to weave in every color of the rainbow though – that could overstimulate your space and have a negative effect.

Life through Plants

If green is your mood-stimulating color of choice, then plants are an excellent decoration for you. Bringing plants into a workspace is a great way to increase tranquility, improve air quality and literally liven up the home office.

Sub Spaces

While not all at-home professionals will have the luxury of their own singular room, being able to diversify seating and working options within your home office is a great way to stimulate productivity. If you find yourself stuck while brainstorming, moving from desk to lounge chair to futon may end up being more productive than taking frequent breaks. Having multiple seating options will also help you feel more comfortable in your office, making work feel more relaxing and less intimidating.

Cable Chaos

Ultimately, an at-home worker is only as productive as their space, and electronic cords and clutter are some of the biggest burdens to a dynamic and clean work environment. Many design experts recommend “cord baskets” where all electronic cords can be coiled and placed in a single, solidified unit. Moreover, don’t be afraid to take this step to the metaphoric level and clean up your computer’s desktop, organizing files into titled folders for a clean electronic workspace.